[Team Love] Cave

Current Members
Wave of Babies
Monkey King
Bames Jond
Weak Sauce
B.L. Pancho
Joey Crack
Nick T.

Feel free to post if you wanna join our crew :karate:

fuck this gay shit i quit

You sure about that dude? Did we do something that offended you? Let me remind you that there are many benefits that come with being in a crew with as many top names as this one.

this is the gayest thing ive ever seen

Don’t be salty just because you’re not a member. Like I said, we will consider all players who demonstrate a certain level of skill. Win a round against either Wave of Babies or Nestor and you’re in.

not now, not ever

sign me up!!

heel yees im pat of decruex

Is it really necessary for you to make such homophobic posts? Some people here might actually take offense.

I don’t know you, but you should watch what you say man.

it is absolutely necessary and relevant.

Please everyone. Understand that this crew was made to represent love. We do not exclude anyone whether their race or sexual preference is different. Also in order for our team to rise to the top of the rankings we need to stand together and support each other.

Hey guys, just letting you know i lost the log in information to my old account. I’ll be posting from this one from now on.

Oh also, anyone who wants to MM, I’m open to do one for $100-$200.

No problem. I already added your new username to the team roster.


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gibe control plx or i ban u huehuehue BR BR BR BR BR

Team Love is not about having control, taking control, or giving control.

if you’re not out of control you’re not in control

This message board just got fucking raped.

Damn did something happen while I was gone? WTH is this