"TEAm LOVE" Team Tournament @ Loveghetty Staion, April 12th 2008

Where: Loveghetty
When: April 12th 2008, **No Later than 5:00 pm **!!!
What: 2v2 Team tournament for 3s and AC
Entry: $5 dollars a head

RuleZ: There arent any, you can team team with whoever any pick whatever character,

mvc2, cvs2 Mbac, watever, if ppl decide to shown run a tourny then its good
Matches will be recorder and shiet so bring your A game.

:confused: Is this a joke? :confused:


I second this post.

i have to c if i have exam on that day, if i don’t, i get off from work @ 6…therefore don’t think i can make it…if i am not coming i assume tim, pui and dawn won’t make it too @@"

sugesstions: lets make it on friday, since is team so is gonna be quick, or make it single elim with setting 3/5

and, lets make it later in the night? b/c 5pm no one is gonna be there, ppl ususally show up @ 7pm

and…i think u need to edit ur post to make it more professional so it will actually attract players, i am serious.

repect to you for hosting

finals the coming 15th n 16th
so no tnx

This was more for 3s cuz a couple of the 3s ppl kinda wanted to have a team tourny so I made this for mainly 3s crew, but since it was at ghetty might as well throw AC in there

yea First post was editted,

:confused: If that’s the case why don’t you just have it at Playscape? :confused:

I trust ghetty more with maintenance plus the manager is nice with me, playscape i know nobody there and based on their past record not really that great

Yo Alex out with the April fools joke or learn how to spell. This is awful.

With that being said my last exam is on sat morning so if anyone wants to give me a ride home I can reach straight from school.