Team Mad Catz Championships in SD [Date Changed to POST-EVO]


Does anyone have any info on this Road to Evo Tourney? Can’t find nothing bout it, and everyone I’ve asked is just as clueless…

All I know is Power Up is the same weekend—is it still going down?

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It actually been changed to May.
No more April.


Thanks dude. Happen to know where I can find more information?

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Will you have a booth at this event?


Changed to May huh? Cool, gives me more time to save up.


Information will be to the public soon.
I’m just not allowed to say anything else.

Yes, already secured a spot for J&J SoCal Modding.
Did something happen?



its june is it gunna happen ?


I didn’t post in this Thread because I thought everyone knew the update.
Team Mad Catz Championship is happening after EVO 2012 now.


okay thank you :slight_smile: