Team Makoto - Evo2k3 Edition



Allllllrighty then.

Who’s coming to Evo that plans to use Makoto as a key character?

We can have, y’know, training sessions before Evo. :slight_smile:


We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy…:stuck_out_tongue:


I dusted off Makoto the other day and lost in a crucial match to Zaza standing halfscreen from me putting in throw. I knew he did that to most Makoto players but I hadn’t been falling for it so far, but then I did a forward+fierce and HE GRABBED ME OUT OF IT!!!@$#@%^@#^!


I’m up for practice sessions, I have a shitload of free time :slight_smile:
Haven’t really been getting in much practice lately, mostly been w/my other friend trying out VF4:Evolution -> after about a week with that, he decided that the game was a fluke and quit immediately. Mosly out here though, nothing but Guilty Gear comp, so I’m more than up for 3rd strike.

Makoto is my “key” character right now…trying to butch up Dudley and Ibuki in case of counter chars.


You guys, try to come up to Family Fun arcade- GeeO, Watson, Pyro have been coming up here a lot. Tell me when you plan on coming. =D

I’ll be holding Makoto: Seichuusen Godanzuki Tricks 401 Post-Graduate lectures at request.



Do you have footage of you playing against the guys you have just mentioned?


Actually, I have noooooooooooooo idea where the footage is- I think Shogo might have it archived from a Team tourney. It might pop up on Denjin Video.