Team Msp

This is a top tier team and there isn’t any thread on strats for it so i was hoping to get some insight on how to win with this team. The thing is that I am pretty decent with this team, i can do rom infinite some reset cross ups etc with magneto, this is pretty much my best team but when i go against santhrax or any sentinel based team i always lose to sentinel, funny thing is that when i pick santhrax then i win. any suggestions anybody

Watch matches with Yipes playing msp.

sentinel+top tier AAA > msp, there isnt really a solution besides playing smarter than the sent player. you don’t play msp the same against all teams, this matchup requires you to play ALOT more calm. block well, don’t call out psylocke, learn his patterns, find an opening, then pretend you’re in training mode. most sentinels rely on counter hits and not too many have good mixup games. just block or runaway building hella meter. while keeping the advice i gave above.

psylocke should really only be used in obvious situations, against rush down characters, teams with no/slow anti-airs, or a dumb sentinel.

You will know that you are playing MSP properply when u eventually turn into a beast

santharx user

msp user

the main problem with msp vs. sent with godly AAA, is magneto. Magneto is has to resort on mind games to win. It’s easily his worst matchup imo.

listen to your heart… its telling you to play santhrax instead.

thats what im saying. you gotta play smarter than the other player. sent+AAA is a ccounter to magz. most mind games are 50/50. either it works or its the reason you lose . really, if you play smart and the snapout game he can EASILY take advantage of the situation.

magneto takes capcom to the face every failed rush attempt. thats why you gotta play it smart. its less likely for a sent to chip you to death, than it is for magneto to find one opening. (but you gotta make sure its a valid opening for at least a safe rush down).

you could even play the turtle game. runaway building massive meter with magneto dhc to storm and play the hailstorm game. psychic hailstorms can turn matches and you dont have to worry too much about burning them cuz you can build them easily.

its really a stupid matchup, but its definitely possible. you just gotta play entirely different.

S/S/AAA is obviously the best team to use in the game, but magneto is too damn fun to use!!!

not according to yaps, the man made msp the best team in the game.


magneto is too fun, i got frustrated and tried to only play santhrax and matrix for a while but once u go magnus u can’t go backnus lol

Not yet, its too early to tell. S/S/AAA have been dominating forever. when msp wins 4 more years in a row than yeah

I don’t think I’ll ever agree with any team being better than s/s/AAA.

there is no best team in mavel…

its all about being effective with the team you have vs the team you’re up against.

s\s is supposed to beat msp but we all know thats not the case. Duc\clock proved that as long you can counter what you’re up against, that trap teams can win. Preppy has shot down countless msp players. Rowtron placing very high with his team when that team is said not to be as strong as others. Vegetta x raping people with that rogue ron. I can keep going.

Are there any vids of Vegetta x? I’m interested in seeing Rogue. :3

Play MSS like everyone else it fun and its the NEW TEAM SCRUB well that’s what people say lol.

MSS is so fun, its really two teams in one, MSdrones & MSprojectile

u have Storm/sent so u can’t go wrong, plus u have magneto which is the most fun character ever invented.

Who cares about AAA, sentinels whole body is so high it is like an AAA lol

Try youtube, or zachd’s fulllist. If you really like low-tier, you should check out joe zazas matches while you are on the fulllist as well.

My favorite thing about MSS is magz assist. Storm and Sent both get alot from that little e.m. disruptor, and magz can run shit solo if nessecary. Not to mention pretty much free DHC’s when ever your life gets low. All three of them are meter monsters, so more often than not you can pull a comeback with all 3 of your people at like 10% if need be.
You dont really ever get forced to change or try and turtle if you play this team right, thats why the AAA isnt really all that important to me with this one.

The same could be said fro most fighting games. I’m simply looking at them when on paper. Outside of the player itself, I just don’t think S/S/ Capcom has any really serious flaws. At all.

All it takes is one snapout and you lose? Ok, one snapout > Guard break. Given is that a solo storm can be a beast, but like tech said, its much more likely mags will find one opening than it is sentinel will trade hits/chip you to death. Of course even if you catch magz with an unblockable at 70% life (I find any higher than that and its gonna take a DHC, HSF damage scales pretty quick) Then you still have a storm/psy or storm/sent to deal with. Whereas if mags catches you once, and doesnt mess up you are stuck with storm and no assist.

With S/S/AAA you trade maneuverability for power, priority, and range. But its far to often a game of who gets first hit, to think that power, priorty, and range are unbeatable. You are just making it hella hard, hopefully for you impossible, for mags to get that one hit. If you dont DHC > HSF with storm, you dont really have the same touch of death mags has, and you dont have nearly as good comboless DHC options to get sent out there if your storm is suffering.
I will say i have seen sent avoiding hella guard break lately if he has meter though.

Even on paper, It defenitaly goes both ways, altough it takes playing style to determine the outcome.

^Great post. Opened my eyes, actually.

I also noticed with one particular match up, if u have storm/psylocke/magneto all with 33% life vs. one sentinel at 50% life, its actually still anyones game. Sent can stomp that storm and if he catches a clean hit storm is dead with one combo, then sent guard breaks psylock or stomps herand gets a hitand does the corner combo and repeats FTW. its so discusting. plus if ur on point and u call an assist wrongly ur assist will eat a HSF. When sent is on the corner and he is comming down and stomps on u then jumps up and stomps on u and then flys and stomps on u all the while there is 20 secounds left on the clock and u thought u were about to seal the deal and he is stomping on u and u start to panic u fuck shit up and u give up one clean hit and die.