Team names?


How come there’s no team names for Capcom vs SNK 2 teams like there are for Marvel vs Capcom 2 teams?

Just a question that I’ve had itching me to death. I couldn’t figure out why I never saw names for the teams rather than the roster itself. I figured people would call it something like (groove)-(name). Like… C-Daigo would be C-groove, Guile/Cammy/Sagat-2. I thought I heard somebody refer to Blanka/Cammy/Sagat as the Scrub team of CvS2.

Anyways, it just always struck me as weird why nobody does this for CvS2. Hopefully there’s a good reason, besides I’ve got way too much time on my hands :slight_smile:


some team names are ubiquitous. like…

old team daigo, C-guile/chun li/r2 sagat
new team daigo, C-guile/cammy/r2 sagat
team bas, A-sakura/blanka/r2 bison (or r2 blanka)
team ino, K-CBS (ratio 2 varies between blanka and sagat)

otherwise, there is simply too many grooves and combinations to come up with consistent names. mvc2 names teams like MSP or MSS because of initials. the problem with that in cvs2 is that more than 10 or so characters are usable, so you run into more than 1 decent character with the same first letter of their name. OR they can be named by the player who popularized them. more common examples are listed above, but here are some more obscure ones…

team aojiru, A-guile/bison/r2 todo
team dan, C-ryu/guile/r2 sagat
team otaku, K-hibiki/kyo/r2 rock
team version, A-maki/joe/r2 chun li
team iyo, N-maki/dhalsim/r2 rolento
team mago, C-honda/chun li/r2 blanka

but remember that just about nobody in the US uses those teams in that combination, so you don’t hear of many “team iyo’s” placing top 3 in tourneys. team chemistry is not as big of a factor in cvs2 than in mvc2, although it still does exist.



Well, if you say Team Daigo or whatever people will know what you’re talking about, but the main reason we don’t go around saying it is because hardly anybody copies that team to the letter. Same goes for all the other Japanese (and American for the most part) top players.

There’s a lot of C-Guile/Sagat players, but the middle character is always different. There’s a lot of C-Kim/Rugal players (from Yuu’s team), but they don’t use Sagat. Hard as it is to believe, Ino’s signature K-CBS team is REALLY rare in Japan.

The ONLY team I can think of that lots of players use is Team Bas: A-Sakura/Bison/Blanka. Ironically, he doesn’t even use that team anymore.


What team does BAS use now?


If i’m not mistaken, he said he uses sakura/honda/blanka in his website diary
I was wondering why he would want to pick honda


Ah… so I guess CvS2 is a big Strider/Doom fest with a random third character. Keen.

I still figure that if you were to name a team in CvS2, it’d prolly be a bit more lenient in terms of team order and ratio. It’s not AS important (but it can be!) as Marvel.


in cvs2 u can. yun, chun, and ken-2 with p groove is team 3s. cuz there all top tier. rock, terry, and geese is team southtown.


Yeah, but who actually uses those teams? :lame:


well lets c if u dick around in the fucking game u can use those teams. duh


Gee, I thought the discussion was about popular/known pro teams. Oh wait, it is.


i didnt see icege post up popular/known team names. he was wondering why there wasnt. i gave out my team names.


Here’s P-Groove teams I know of:

Team Makoto: P-Kyo/Vega/Cammy
Team Deshiken: P-Kyo/Sagat/Cammy


team Pei is C-groove : rolento-1 / akuma-1 / sagat-2



Team Burghy: C-Cammy/Sagat/Blanka-2!

Many people have copied my team, but I’m still the best. I got first place in the Rwanda CvS2 Championships.


Bas’s team is Honda, Bison, Blanka2.

He dropped Sakura because he has problems against good Sagats and Blankas. When he wins, she barely has any life. So he uses Honda to build meter, and use it if he gets them in the corner. Even if Honda dies, the opponent is low on life because it was a long drawn out match that was pretty much even the whole way and they didn’t gain much back. Plus he usually has meter for Bison.

But the other day he said he was thinking of switching back to Sakura because he was able to beat Umehara with his old team.

Go figure.


Where’s Bas’ website? I had it in my old bookmarks, but the keyword is old…




Team RSX C- Kyo/Sagat/Bison R2


team badlands-N- vice, iori, yamazaki heh in round here n groove is top tier!!


Hmph well i have to disagree! Akuma,Bison, and Ken Owns Bardinfalsegod