Team New York ?

They put me on a team with damdai, ben fong, insane, and Inthul. I’m not comfortable with that team. I dont mind keeping damdai or inthul. No offense to the other 2 but insane isnt playing anymore because he’s focusing on school. And ben fong (no offense you did beat andre, good job) but that’s a fluke. The NY team should be inthul, damdia, myself, aqua silk, and most likley L i joe. If anyone disagrees or has a problem please come up with your own team.

Sorry man. As of now I’m still not playing on that lvl. I don’t think I will be able to be part of this new NY team…

Joe stop downtalking yourself. Dont make me hurt you.

Yeah, I don’t really think that I am able to play Team NYC. Aquasilk should play.
Can’t be having two boxers in one team. Or if I can nominate someone else to play.

Haha no kuma I’m not down talking myself. I honestly haven’t played on a seriouse competitive lvl since nec… I kinda dropped it to take care of some personal life issues I’m still
sorting out. I promised myself I wouldn’t play until I straighten it out.

alright. I accept this explanation and will not kill you and instead support your decision. (some people who i wont name need to take this lesson to heart. put down the controller for a while and take care of the mess you made being foolish)

I would like to nominate DS to play for Team NY and substitute my position in the group if that is possible.


btw why is this in the tournament section…and wtf are you guys talking about

5 vs 5 on battlefield arcadia 11.
Exhibition match between empire arcadia members and team nyc.

Rico, LI Joe, AquaSilk, Chris Hu, and myself. That’s the team I honestly would like to see :slight_smile: The reality is though, Joe isn’t playing, Chris Hu is in China, and I work on Sundays which is why I can no longer attend Battlefield Arcadia tournaments. I think it’s cool that Rico and AquaSilk are holding it down with their skills in NYC because it shows that NYC has strong players, not just strong EMP members. A lot of people have asked if I am still in EMP and to clear that up, I was never truly in EMP because I never signed the contract. With that said, I have nothing against EMP and I don’t count out the possibility of joining them in the future but right now it is not in my best interest to do so because, like Joe, I have a lot of things in my life that get in the way of my gaming (work,school, gym, etc.). Although I’m cool with EMP, it would be really fun to play against them because there could be some really interesting matches.

By the way, what’s EMP’s team? Andre(Bison), Sanford(Sagat/Akuma/Cammy/Ryu), Jeron(Bison/Chun-Li), Kevin(Guile/Honda), Lincoln(Akuma)
-vs- LI Joe (Sagat), Jav1ts(Balrog), Rico Suave (Abel), Aquasilk (Zangief), Chris Hu (Ryu) ?

I’m sure those matches would be sick

p.s.- Another Solid NY team can be: Grancalc, Damdai, Insayne, Zohta, DS

5 best players in NY:


Hmm, that’s interesting. You guys don’t do any tournaments on sat nights or other weekday nights? Sundays i work but i’m interested in trying some casuals or testing some of the supposed “best of NYC” sometime.

These tournaments all happen in Brooklyn? I live in Long Island (kool to hear L I Joe is reppin’ LI, doesn’t seem we have enough LI peeps reppin’ NYC SF4), but i’m in manhattan pretty often, just not familiar with Brooklyn, unless it’s near the atlantic av, utica av region.

Though i should add that my best 2 fighters are Ken, Bison…who aren’t amongst the top tier, but i like the challenge at the very least.