TEAM NW SF4 Quals! Dates,Times..Ambition

and Afro’s =P lol

ok ok so let me break down how we NW folk handle Team Selection. That is IT right there, TEAM SELECTION. These quals will have 6 winners. These winners + myself and Scrubydan will make 8 members of the team. From the moment of this qualifier to the second week before evo, ALL 8 of those players will be practicing…TOGETHER as a TEAM.

Right before EVo we will all group up and decide, AS A TEAM what the NW SF4 roster should be.

So this means that at that moment, if lets say Row got on the team and he ends up having a better dhalsim then myself. I will step down and let Row be the dhalsim. Cause this is not about individuals. This is about properly representing the NW and getting our strongest players on that 5v5.

I do believe this will generate the best 5v5 and we will go into EVO smashing FACES.

So with that said…starts to clap NW NW NW NW NW NW NW!!! :wink:

Fight for NW Top 10 Elites!!!
Format: Round Robin
Rules: First to 3/One Character
Date: 06/06 (Saturday)
Time: 12 noon
Location: THE NEW AFRO-DOJO!!!(address coming soon =P)

Players: 27 Entrees

  1. King - Zangief
  2. Mickey D - Ryu
  3. Jason "The Future - ?
  4. John Michaels “LTB” - Ken
  5. Nolan - C. Viper
  6. Frank da Dank - Bison
  7. Mark Santos - Zangief
  8. Rowtron - Dhalsim
  9. Mechanica - El furte (?)
  10. Rattana - Sagat
  11. Jmar - Sagat
  12. James ShowWrecker - Balrog
  13. Adam - Ryu
  14. Josh - Akuma
    15)Julian (Airthrow) - Bison

Random Select (Portland Tourney) Top 5

Wild Card Players
21) Deezo - Chun-Li
22) Peachy - Blanka
23) Paul Lee - Sagat
24) Munky - Abel
25) Paul G - Akuma
26) Kyle - Rufus
27) Ian - Bison

“Get ready for a long day of SF4, if you are not up for this please let me know and I will take your name off the list.”


So soon! damn. was hoping to get in on this… oh well, get hype!

Good luck to everyone. Peace out some fools at Evo!

Damn, I am hyped just to watch this fucking qualifier! Go NW!

Dang it! I live in Idaho and I was going to come up for the Qualifiers. :sadface:
's cool though. Not complaining. Just inner anguish. Taking the Top 20 down to the 5 is good stuff.

man it sucks being number 21 hahah

What if I’m still working on getting money for a plane ticket? Have a room offer but I get 10 hours a week or less (home sick today from one of my two work days >_<) and can’t save money :sad:

and what exactly has stopped you? it was always the plan to not have it all decided in one night. not really fair to everyone that way.

Quick questions: Lets say player A is amazing at Balrog and Ryu, and Player B is really good at Balrog but thats it, Now after qualifiers it comes down to Player A vs Player B in finals and they both play Balrog, player A wins so he gets Balrog rights but player B cannot compete on that level of competition with any other character, should player A play his equally good Ryu and let player B be the Balrog, because he was able to beat everyone but player A with that Balrog.

I believe you commit to a character for this, but maybe I’m wrong. You’re playing to prove your character so play the character you are trying to get on the team. Also, it’s not going to come down to one match I believe because it’ll be round robin (not the first giant qualifiers, but afterwards). So the one mirror match you played only has as much weight as all your other matches.

In that scenario, since “player b cannot compete on that level” then that sucks for them. You need to be on “that level” for Evo.

I am actually going to need help with peoples names from other areas (like portland etc…) Id appreciate it if people could PM or maybe one person give me a list of the top 5 in that area that will be attending. I would really appreciate the help folks. I want to include all top players that are coming from a far distance.

Thanks folks

Nate - You have one character and one character only. Mechinca is right, you are trying to prove u are the best candidate for the character you use. If there is a tie in the round robin with two balrogs, then both balrogs will go through an identical gauntlet for a final score, winner will be the one.


i don’t know if they will be attending, but the top players from pdx (in no order):


those three consistently do well, but i don’t think we’ve had any formal placement tournies to qualify for the tourney you’re hosting, cole.

aiight i think im gonna start bringing my ps3 sticks since its what im gonna be using at evo. ive never actually switched out a stick that was plugged into a console. but yes,


If you hold it at your place in June, you can use the Random Select Tournament on May 30th as a Qualifier for top Portland players and see who wants to compete.

Thats a good idea actually Brent. Ill keep that in mind. Thanks bro


bbh is a beast lol

i concur.

i’m glad he’s back in the spot light.

you want to get fucked up, play him in kof 98.

Just wanna add that in this hypothetical situation, whoever runs the gauntlet second should not be able to watch the first player’s gauntlet so they don’t learn matchup tricks/learn from the other player’s mistakes, or otherwise scout out the matches they’ll have to play. :tup: Though maybe the gauntlet will be harder for the second player after the gauntlet opponents are used to playing that character? Hmm.


^i like that.

5/29 conflicts with the Portland tournament the next day, just fyi.