Team opening for production team!

I’m looking for a group of people to join my entourage for hosting tournaments and making flyers and etc… Their isn’t any pay I’m also looking for people age appropriate no kids I don’t mind teenagers but at least 18 and up… I’m also looking for people how doesn’t mind taking orders and being open minded to things, and being able to give me insight on something I could have done differently. So if your interested reply to this post or email me at, it’s my personal stuff so I’ll be sure to respond ASAP and another note this is a Xbl production team I want to start.

Something I forgot to add is the list of ppl I’m looking for
Someone who can stream tournament with good quality,
Someone who can make flyers,
Someon who can make websites.

Reason for these many people is to start a family so if theirs a tournament somewhere then we can stroll up in. Their and have a good time and chill out, im also a college student so my time will be more dedicated to school but I will make time to reach out to who ever joins my team, so hope I caught you guys and gals attention,:slight_smile: