Team OSU!!

Founded with the goal of bringing Paul players together in the art of epic combat!

If you are interested in sparring with Paul players, being a part of the Paul community and levelling up your Phoenix in general then join Team OSU!!

Post your PSN ID/ XBL Gamertag, the characters you play and your country to join.

If you are on PSN I will invite you to the Team OSU!! chat and hopefully we can organise some endless lobbies on XBL for the 360 players.

PSN: Helnova
XBL: FBV Helnova

Characters: Paul, Bryan, Ogre, Steve (a little)

Country: England

PSN: Ralenzo
Characters: Paul, Guile, Abel, Ken, Ryu, Balrog, King, Law, Marduk.
Country: Belgium

Helnova knows his stuff. AE, SFxT…he’s always solid. OSU!

PSN: zUkUu
XBL: Zukuu Z (sold the game for it tho)
Guile / Paul (didn’t played THAT long to get to know other characters, other then cody).
I’m also down for SF4 matches (both consoles), maining random for the most part. otherwise played cody in the past.


Good to know :stuck_out_tongue:
I always see you playing RPG’s, and since they can take some of your time, I therefore thought that you were never in the mood to play some street fighter.

yeah because I play sf4 on box for the most part, that’s why you see me playing other games on the ps3.^^ still, I’m always down for some matches, unless I just finished a 3 hour session on the box.