Team P.I.E is seeking a logo please help! $50 reward


We are a small team that is seeking a logo to wear for ECT4 next weekend. Team Professional Instigators Entertainment (PIE) started from a group of guys that thought it would be a cool idea to create videos about the background life of FGC players and also instigating money matches. although we did not take off with that venture due to normal life situations that took priority.

As for myself, I have been off and on in the fighting game community because I have a big family to take care of and trying grow in my career. Now that one of our members (Chin341) has begone to gain a reputation in our local tournaments, I’m trying to step my game up again or live bi-curiously through him in this scene.

What we are looking for is a logo that will cover the front side of the shirt while we have our names and signature quote on the back. I was thinking of a 1/8 cut pie holding a old school camera (the ones that are used in movie theaters that has the negatives exposed. Or maybe something simple like how marvel logo just has their characters in the name. I lack a create thought process so im not sure.

If we see a logo that we would like to use then I can pay the winner $50 as compensation. I know its not much but i hope you can understand this is last minute and wasn’t in my budget. We will put this deadline to Thursday June 7th 12am PST

thank you for all your suggestions, advice given and help. it is much appreciated.


Hey I am a freelance designer (and gamer) and should be able to help you out with your logo. Message me and we can get in touch.


I can throw some things at you Andy, haha.



Here’s a couple of sketches for ya.[IMG]


lol some awesome logos