Team Rose challenges YOU!

Hi all, I came from the Rose thread requesting a challenge to the Blanka thread for a 3v3 team battle on the PSN or XBOX. It will be streamed by UYG (up your game) so we can both watch and learn how different players approach certain matchups and discuss about it. It has to be after 9PM EST and not a wednesday. If you are interested, just reply and we can schedule something out!

I’d be interested in doing it on xbox, but I think Viscant, Foxisquick, and shglbmx would(and should) get priority over me if they wanted to play.

I’d say Mullah as well but the connection would be terrible.

After this week I can’t play on tuesdays or thursdays at night because I have class.

monday night work for you?
your rose is top notch but i think i have a few tricks up my sleeve for you.

If there’s a spot I want in on this