Team Row Tips and Strats

I’m starting this thread to hopefully bring together a lot of knowledge on this team. I’m not a complete noob, but by no means a pro. I’m hoping to see some strats for team matchups against thrax, matrix, mstron, msp, and even against team vegita (Rogue, Storm, Tron) and team kelly (Iron man, Cable, Doom) as I play against these teams a lot here in my home town.

For starters I would like to say I switch up my starting character between all three depending on what I’m up against, but I’m thinking of just starting Mags or Sent from now on to build meter for cable.

My biggest challenge is Sent/Cap and Sent/Cyc from the beginning of the match.

Cable has a hard time on point with no anti air…any tips??

download vids of rowtron, just watching him gives you a lot of ideas. there’s a lot at
those matches of him vs sanford, i recommend.

using this team, against sent/cap or sent/cyc i usually rush a lot, not letting them establish a zone, when they establish a zone, that’s usually when you’ll have trouble and i pick my spots when i rush so not to get punished with an aaa, especially against capcom.

that’s it for now. i’ll add more laterz…

Thx for the reply. I’ll try and put pressure but when sent gets that zoning going I pretty much get screwed unless I can counter in ahvb w/cable which really turns it around, especially if I have a few meters and catch sent and cap.

Anyone have any tips for Sent on point with Magz-A and Cable AAA up against Sent/Cap Sent/Cyc?

while zoning, cable can be hin own AAA. :stuck_out_tongue:

hpx5 's recovery can be canceled by the psymitar. Making hp much safer and covering that part of the screen for you.

Cable is also on AAA for the counter. Counter out, cable comes in, cancel into AHVB.

You wwant to learn to combo off of sents assist with mag. It gives you free roms, snapouts, etc. It works kind of like psylock, only with super armor. :slight_smile: (and you can’t OTG from this assist either.)

IMO Rowtron does kind of have a hard time agianst matrix and snathranx. I usually make it a mission to kill commando. (again, snapouts are vital in this matchup). Or, when rushing sent, remember to only start combos with fierces. Mag CAN BEAT sent/capcom but he has to be careful and punish the first mistake he sees.

Another thing I do in this match is start sent instead of mag. He builds meter almost as fast and mag does and doesn’t have to wrry as much about getting zoned by another sent.

I also put sent on ground, makes it a little easier to rush with mag.

Hope this helps.

I’ve almost always used Sent-A and I love to hit it then dash underneath with magz reset and 5 fierce. I think I will start to use ground a bit to get familiar with it “gammarow”. I’ll let you know how it goes.