Team Saikyo Madness?

Hey guys what’s up it’s Jesus of Nazeres!
I feel like hitting up on some 4v4 action with Dan Hibiki players, which is VERY hard to find, like a popcorn in a haystack.
Maybe some Dan players kind-of catch my drill, so if you guys want to do a 4 player team, that’s awesome! My quest on SSFIV is to get as many Dans to play with. If there is more Dan players out there, we can all do a 4v4 maybe?
Gamertag is “Nazeres”. HIT ME UP! =)
I’ll probally post this on other another topic, actually I don’t want to be a spammer :l
I do have rules though…
1.Have fun and TROLL!!!
2.That’s all folks!
3.You don’t need a mic, I can understand some people are a little "shy"
BTW guys if you agree to play, let’s plan it from 3:00pm-around 7:30pm(eastern U.S)

Im down to play anyone. You can add me if you wish, although Team Battle is pretty dead these days :frowning: and its not really my cup of Saikyo.

I have to agree with you, team is kinda dead, but maybe we can do 8player dan endless.

i’m down I’ll be on xbl later

Ill play on xbl aswell even tho I really suck with Dan I wish to get better :wink:

Just bought the game and I wanted a fun/hard to play with character so I decided to main Dan.

Not bad with your english since you’re from sweden. I can show you the ropes and some “resets” with Dan, I’ll add you!
Come on, there’s nobody else that want’s to do an 8 player lobby endless with 8 dans? =(

Sounds great! Ive gone trough some basic combos today like J.Hkick to Hard Punch to Hurricane Kick and I just won my first game online :open_mouth:

Feels like Dan is a show character that puts up a show instead of a fight which I really like, winning is just a bonus.

dadd danother dan to the list