Team Sakura - Live Stream Tonight!

Hey Everyone! We will be doing a live stream tonight (courtesy of Corpsy!) for team Sakura mirror matches. If you get a chance stop by or watch the stream live later tonight! I personally will be getting on tonight around 6:30 - 7 pm central time.

Hope to see you guys there! I’ll be in on the live chat between rounds to answer any questions that might come up.

  • Vivi

You want me to post this in the main Super forum also? Think they’d be interested?

There will be shout outs, displays of good Sakura play, displays of bad Sakura play(hi), People whoring my color, People Heisman resetting, Sakura non-ex fireball chip deaths, Mortons everywhere, Reset shenanigans, What it Dew Dan mirrors, and much much more.


yeah dude, lets get this out there! more the better

Hooray! Everything Is setup, hopefully when I get back from the movie theaters (Going at 3:50 to watch the Karate kid) I will start streaming right away!

I’ll be tuning in :).

will you be playing on xbox or ps3?

Xbox 360.

Stream has officially Started!

Live stream is going on now

Hey guys I ended streaming early but here’s the whole stream recorded:

Man, I wish I could be part of team sakura, but i’m all the way from AUS. Damn, anyway thanks for this, was so damn awesome XD Here is the tournament we had.