Team Sakura (PSN) on SATURDAYS with me, MisterSakura

“I’m only gonna get stronger!” - Sakura Kasugano

Main points:
[*]Date - Saturdays, or anytime 2-3 saks are gathered.

[*]Host - MisterSakura. Please add this account. If I’m online on any given Saturday I’ll be on this account only.

[*]Requirements - Must main or alt Sakura. We are open to playing other characters for match up experience.

[*]Chat Room - The online meeting place. Once invited you can join anytime you sign in. Friend me for an invite to the chat room. It will be named ‘Team Sakura’.

  • Don’t forget that in SSF4 you can invite a chat room to REPLAY CHANNEL, ENDLESS, TOURNAMENT & TEAM BATTLE
    It really makes inviting alot of people at once to something easy without them even being on your list. This is why joining the chat room is so important.

[*]About Us - We are Sakura players of varying skill levels looking for fun, challenges & progression.

[*]Contact Us - Post on this thread or PM me here on SRK or on either of my PSN accounts.

[*]Notes - For the highest quality experience it is advised that you use a bluetooth keyboard, full sized USB keyboard or microphone.
Please don’t wait for me to sign in to get games going. I won’t always be around. As long as people are in the chat room someone should start a lobby. If alot of people are i the chat room then go ahead and divide by region. I’d recommend playing Team Battle and Tournament mode with each other and/or randoms. Endless should be kept to 4 players max imo.
Don’t forget to save replays! TO save a match of two other people playing press select to ‘save reservation’ during their fight. It won’t save the replay unless you watch to the end.

[*]What about XBL Sakuras? - Here is the link to the original thread. Mainly XBL gets attention here. Team Sakura

[*]Videos - Here are the links to all related videos of Team Sakura on PSN:
[media=youtube]RXWCul1-5WE]The Best Of Team Sakura PSN! Episode #1 - Round 1 Fight![/color[/media]
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[media=youtube]9KZCzTwpwms][color=green]The Best Of Team Sakura PSN! Episode #3 - Needz Moar Downback![/b[/media]
[media=youtube]m9wNMz7J2P0]The Best Of Team Sakura PSN! Episode #4 - ALL DAY SATURDAY![/color[/media]
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[media=youtube]BoQcE1f8MVw]YouTube - Pcutta24 [SK] vs Chaoslimits [SK[/media]
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[media=youtube]-HbXE9KjEx4]YouTube - Pcutta24 [SK] vs Chaoslimits [SK[/media]
[media=youtube]aJqDy–bsFc]YouTube - Tsori [CA] vs Chaoslimits [SK[/media]


Team Sakura has been a success but there is a large bias towards the xbox side. Also ShogunFlow seems to come on some really late hours on thursdays. He is west coast USA and I’m in England.

So I propose all PS3 Sakura players add my new account which I will play on whenever I can on Saturdays.

The new PSN is: [color=blue]MisterSakura
I’ll only be going on this account on Saturdays.

I want to fill this account with 100 Sakura friends and I’ll make a dedicated PSN chat room which I will invite all friends to chat as many times as I have to so you all get into the habit of being part of an online group.

A chat room can hold 16 people I think so if this picks up there should ALWAYS be people in there to play with at anytime but especially on a Saturday.
Please join the chat whenever you come online.

We’ll do all sorts! Team Battle, Endless, Tournament mode. We can play against each other or do 4 on a team vs 4 randoms. We can help train each other on 1vs1s. We can watch each others replays and maybe those of us with video capture software can upload your vids if you so request to do so.

The aim is to aid each other and challenge each other. Hopefully picking up bits of other people’s playstyles and having fun as we go along.

If you want to join just add my new account MisterSakura or send me a message on my main account Mr_Flowers_- or message me on SRK Forums or just post in here.

I’ll start sending out friend requests to Sakura users I already know of and I’ll post the names of all people who successfully get added here aswell.


MisterSakura’s PSN Friend List & Locations

angelllbassss (Canada)
Aris-2491 (UK)
ASBob (Spain)
Ashafyah (USA)
aquatics (USA)
aznpersuasion20 (USA)

BerzerkYume (Canada)
BLIZER (Portugal)
Blonde-Bachi (UK)

Celloien (France)
chaoslimits (USA)
CosaBuena (USA)

DemTexasBoyz101 (USA)
DestructionCalls (USA)
Dr_Peppah (Canada)

ebenezer_good (UK)

fadecy (UK)
Fergus2k8 (Ireland)
foreal916 (USA)
ForteSRK (USA)

Gawaran (USA)

HeartProfessor (Australia)
holdthephone (USA)
hydepark_ (USA)

iKHANHdoit (USA)
inVINcibleMF (USA)
ipitydatfu (USA)
iVaN_39 (USA)

Jamheald (UK)
JimtheTomato (USA)
jisjustice (UK)

Kazurk7 (UK)
khmeroldiez (Canada)
kiramew (USA - West Coast)
kuriop (France)

Lodjik (UK)
LoneShaolin (USA)
Love_Me_Wanton (USA)

Maan79 (France)
marcushardle (USA)
Matt0rz (UK)
Meissner_Effect (USA)
melflomil (USA)
MisterSakura (UK)
mizuiro-kitsune (USA - East Coast)
Mr_Flowers_- (UK)
Mune-sama (USA)

NosLived (USA)
NostalgicX (Canada)

obey562 (USA)
OmegaDez (Canada)
Onikagai (USA)
OptimusXJFR (USA)
ORenzokukenO (Australia)

PamaLamaDingDong (USA)
pcutta24 (USA)
Phaded_Memory (USA)
PhantomSRK (USA - East Coast)
Pokey1986 (UK)
PunkJewd (USA)
PureHmong (USA)


Railant (USA)
red_snowman (USA)
Ruisu107 (USA)

SandwichCookie (USA)
SaitoKojima (Canada)
Serotonergic (USA)
Sheelspo (USA)
ShogunFlow (USA)
shytzoo (USA)
Sississis (France)
skrface13 (USA)
soulassassin_23 (USA)

Takamura13 (Holland)
thefrogking2208 (USA)
tkbguy (USA)
Tomiwa11 (UK)


VCFan1001 (Canada)
Verdurazo (Germany)

Waffl3Ninja622 (USA)
Wauhti (Finland)
Whattaboywikked (Canada)
Wuhwuhwolves (USA)


Yutahon (Germany)

ZzonicFanatic (USA)


Hey Mr.Flowers that’s what I am talking about! great incentive indeed.

Thursday I will buy the PS3 and SSFIV will arrive next Monday so, when I get the ps3 I’ll add your main and second account and well we’ll talk about it.

PS: I’m in as long I am on-line.

Nice one Flowers. I’m rusty as hell with Sak.

need that on xbox :frowning:

Hi Mr. Flowers! A great idea, and thanks for the friend invite, too. I’ve added you-- but bear in mind that I am in Australia, and sadly the connection to the northern hemisphere is usually pretty sucky. Good work, though!

Awesome. I just accepted your Friend Request. It’s been awhile since I used Sakura so I might be a bit rusty.

Good times are comming, I can feel it. I’m always looking for improvement. Nice job Flowers !!!

I’ll jump on this as well. :slight_smile:

Lol. You are just being silly :stuck_out_tongue:

I sent you a friend invite right after I made this topic but you were full up mate. Make space and friend me.

I now have 30 Sak players on my MisterSakura account. I got a few guys from the leaderboard with the highest BP. Not everyone is from SRK so we should hopefully see some interesting things from unknown Sak players in their local scene.
Lots of people haven’t accepted my friend request yet so I have sent another message explaining a bit more trying to win them over.

70 Saks to go!

I’ll be adding you when I get home. I don’t know if I count as a Sak player these days, lol, but I have been dabbling. She’s far from completely dropped so I may benefit from this.

Is this still active?

Hmm, I may have to buy Super on PS3 for this.

wee, i got added and i didn’t even know about it!

I would like to join, but Mr_Flowers_- has the max amount of friends T___T

sounds cool but idk if ill be able to get on sats we’ll c

damn. just when i decided to trade in my ssf4. oh well.

I’m down. Just keep in mind that fatherhood is taxing on my free time.

Sorry Mr.Flowers, add this one: Blonde-Bachi. I share this account with someone else but they’re hardly on, so I’m the one who’s mostly on it.

All the more reason to get those Aussie Saks to add me. Dunno why I couldn’t add them. You can be the main contact for Australia. Whatever I send you you can copy paste and send them if I can’t get them added.

I must admit I’m looking forward to all the Sak madness myself!

I have you now. Thanks for reaching out. Team Sakura should benefit players like you more than anyone else. Not quite maining her. Not quite dropped her either.

Its just about to begin! I just took over the PSN side of it. I made the new MisterSakura account for this purpose. Spread the word.

It would be good to have you. At least for the time being you still have Team Sak on xbl.

No worries. I’m using the MisterSakura account for this team thing of ours. I have you added now anyway.

Not a problem. THis is why I want to add as many Sak players as possible so there is a bigger chance that a few people will be around each week.

oh no! Why’d you trade it in? What did you get for it? Sometimes I feel like throwing this game or myself out of the window because I just don’t improve and I’m so damn predictable even with my ‘mix ups’. Also Super is lacking without Champ Mode.

I’ve sent a request to Blonde-Bachi


I have 43 Sak players on my MisterSakura account right now.
Just to clear things up this week Saturday will be the first official Team Sakura with me as the host. Because its the first I want to try to be around as long as I can on Saturday to get everyone who comes online that day into the chat and trying out different stuff with Sakura and their other characters.
The following Saturdays I probably won’t be on as long to catch everyone so I’ll just send out reminders to everyone to join the chat when you are online and sort yourselves out when I’m not around.

Don’t forget that in SSF4 you can invite a chat room to REPLAY CHANNEL, ENDLESS, TOURNAMENT & TEAM BATTLE

It really makes inviting alot of people at once to something easy without them even being on your list. This is why joining the chat room is so important.

Isn’t the max amount of players on Endless Battle 8?