Team Santhrax


i’m a noob santhrax so i need help on this team like:

strats, combos (individual & assist combos), and other stuff that’ll be helpful for me in improving on this team.


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VS Mag

make sure you play the distance, if you are caught fighting Sentinel(yours) vs Mag/psy, don’t get hastey, make sure you push block the first tri jump, then watch for psy to come out, KEEP DASHING BACK SPIT, by doing so you force mag to either dash in on the ground, sj dash forward, or dash jump( this one is tricky cause they will usually look at the distance, and call psy to catch you).

use commando AAA to knock him out of dashes, and rushdowns, and DON’T STOP DASH BACK SPITS, only do sj lk, fly lk+commando, hp, rp, when you know what they will do next, it’s usually too risky to go for a block string or fast fly if mag just got in front of you and hasn’t called psy.

vs Storm/Sentinel

Vs storm you wanna stay on her level all the time, if she gets over you then block+commando, KEEP SPITTING, make her come to you, if she plays the sj hp run away game, then dash under( be careful of drones) call commando to make her block, then sj and do a fast fly chain starting with a sj hp/or sj grab.

if you can wear her down you should win, IF you SJ to bait her in the air, then WATCH OUT FOR LIGHTING ATTACK.


Vs Sentinel.

this is where the battle hits the skies for the most part, basicly try and bait the other sentinel, if you sj after they do then do dp rp AT THE RIGHT DISTANCE/ OR SJ HP, if the sentinel is too close then JUST STAY ON THE GROUND AND PUSH BLOCK, don’t try and be fansy by trying to dash under and sj from the back fast fly, GOOD sentinel players will anticipate that. If both are at the top of the screen then do hp, unfly, fly hp, over and over to hit the other sentinel’s limbs, HP beats out every limb, expect one timed to beat yours like a straight rp, or hp.

VS Cable

as you said, START STORM ALWAYS, the only time you should ever consider starting sentinel is if the person uses a cable team WITHOUT AN AAA.

all you can do is continue to get close, once inside, pretend you are magneto and break his defense, call drones, ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE STARTED A BLOCK STRING, DON’T CALL THEM OUT WHEN YOU ARE TRI JUMPING, AND SAVE YOUR ANTI AIR FOR WHEN HE IS IN THE AIR. Most of the time it’s too risky to call it in cables face due to his ability to jump back with his drones/AAA and AHVB yours.

UNLESS…you do so to bait his assist and sj, dash over, however he can still assist kill you if he anticipates it, and just calls his assist, and uses cable to fight storm.

Storm VS Storm

stay Patient, this is a fight from ALL ANGLES, play by using your Brain, not your reactions, this is seriously the ultimate contest of who will break first. play this like fighting sentinel with storm, expect through in the precautions of fighting magneto. Call your assist smart, don’t call them when your storm is touching the other, DON’T CALL DRONES OR AN ANTI AIR FULL SCREEN AWAY, THEY WILL GET HAILSTORMED TO DEATH.

don’t predict, react, if you KNOW you can’t beat out the other one, then block, hold your ground, the other storm will crack first.

i think that about rapes it up.

I used this info in another thread, for the combos, you need to learn fast flys with sentinel, and Drone lockdowns with Storm, and how to use commando

Most of this stuff is baised on you feeling the flow of the fight.

Since gouki did the matchups. I’ll do theory and who to start.

You have to understand something when you play Santhrax, other than not playing it in all pink(that is for CoosCoos only).

You have to understand that, this is one of the more versatile teams in the game. Because there isn’t really one set way to play it. You have teams out there that have a game plan and such, but this is one of those that has more than one gameplan.

You can start Sent, and take advantage of his super armor to make it harder to combo you. You have his fast fly combo, which if you decide to start Sent more than Storm, you have to learn(well you have to learn it anyway, but more so if you don’t start Storm a lot). You also have a free midscreen wake up unblockable set up with Sent/Storm-a. Bad things though, is that god he’s big for peaks sake. Snapouts could be more prevalent with Sent than Storm, plus you can’t really have that threat to kill by way of DHC. Sure one super xx hail is good damage, but really, who would it kill?

You can start Storm, and take advantage of all of her assets such as her normals, which are by far the best in the game argueably, a way to alter your landings, the dumbest super in the game, crackrocks. You see a lot of people start her lately because, she has a lot of better matchups than Sent does, and also, she will use Sent’s assist a lot more than Sent will use Storm’s. With her in, you have a way to get rid of a character whenever you feel the need to by way of the Storm/Sent DHC. Bad things though is if you get into a mindset to rush rush rush with her, and that would suck ass if that happened.

But yeah, those are some pros and cons on starting people and such. Remember though, almost always start Sent vs Mag, and ALWAYS start Storm vs. Cable or other keepaway characters.


random launch flycombo + capcom aa xx air super xx hailstorm.

k thanks.

Eventually, someone has to play commando, becuz the enemy will snap him in or your team gets cut down to commando, so here are some tips against the gods.
Note: These tips will not guarantee victory, but will help in professinal play.

Wait til he rushes in like an idiot, if he doesn’t pull out Psy or another anti-air, just corridor into a csword. When he rushes down w/ tri-jumps, be patient and keep blocking, your average Mag player will get tired of rushing down a blocking commando, so he will pull in an assist to crush ur guard, if you can, block em both or sj out of it, if you can’t, your dead.

Almost impossible to beat, but the key is to use Sho when Sent is on the ground and corridor when he is in the air. Smart Sents will constantly unfly anticipating that you will corridor, only corridor when he is directly above you or he is attempting to stomp you or something. If he stays in the air, DO NOT SJ UP THERE TO ATTACK, stay alert, he will throw in an anti-air assist to stop you.
Now when Sent stays on the ground expect 1 thing and 1 thing only, DRONES. If he has an assist that chips well or has you paralyzed in a block, sj out of danger, but stay alert, he will attack upon your decent, or he will sj up to your height then hp, fly etc. When Sent has you lockdown, the best thing you can do is stay patient and react to an opening

This is the hardest match up. If you can ever get her to block, do the following combo (while crouching): lp, lk, hp+assist, sho. This will sometimes allow you to crush her guard and do a corridor xx csword. If the storm plays like Mag and does nothing but rushdowns, stop her tri-jumps w/ corridors. If the storm plays zones, then just be patient and wait for an opening.

stay close and guard everything, since cable can’t rushdown like the other 3, so you don’t have to be scared of guard crushes. Cable’s air game is nothing, so it is good to sj out of danger, stay alert, he might sj and shoot you down, if he does pushblock. Beware of chipping assists and AHVB.

what are guard crushes?, when you attack between the Push Block stun and Recovery of it at the end or are you talking about when they just mess up on a block?

commando can’t pressure anyone with over heads and lows, all he has are tick throws, so you should use that into something like, lp, walk up, to catch them when they flinch, or if you know they jump then do either d/f hp(the launcher mp) or jump throw.,

also is sho = Ninja?, qcf lk?

Whoa! Tnx a lot for those replies… Juz kip it comin’

Yeah, Sho is the ninja.

By guard crushes I mean when the enemy is to busy blocking another attack, and you attack the part he leaves open.

Example: If a character does a high block against some drones, you attack low, thus crushing their guard.

Sorry if that was an improper term, that what I was told itz called

lol like i said tho you can block all of commando crouching, NIGGA HAS NO OVER HEAD. all you can do is TRY a cross up with j. hk, or do ticks into fake grabs then hit them with,, corrinder xx super.

Btw for all those out there, when someone pushblocks, right after the pushblock, theres a period where they can’t block for 1 frame, it is possible to hit them in that frame, but it’s very hard to time, and they have the chance to jump away before your attack hits if you miss time it unless you do a s.lp or something to hit them will going up(but they can block there), or u can grab them.

uh… how can i play keep away with sent?

keep dashing back s.hp, or c.hp(depending on weather they will be on the ground or air). And use projectile assists to annoy as well, AND REMEMBER TO STAY ON THE SAME LEVEL AS THEM. IF THEY SJ, SJ WITH THEM!!!.

don’t let yourself get cornered, hold that shit down, but don’t make yourself an easy target. Remember to block and use your anti air( if you have one) wisely, and if you pushblock them then call a projectile assist while they attack that way when they get sent to the other side of the screen and try to dash up agian( mainly magneto) they will get hit with it, like storm’s typhoon-A, or Mag-A.

Itz always good to throw in some overhead drones when spitting + projectile assist.

Just keep em in lockdown with lasers, projectiles and drones.

Gouki: commando has 1 overhead, Sho the ninja.
I’m not sure if it can break a low block, I can’t test it right now since I don’t have my marvel.

it’s not an overhead.

is LK drones homing?

so this can lock the opp. down > fp + storm proj + drones

the drones always go the same way.

from what you said you are trying to press both assist?

or are you trying to do fp, typhoon+ drones with storm on point?

Unless you move the stick up and down so you can aim em.

get down storms inf, resets, lighening attack air combos into dhc sentinel force, and the occasional capcom assist into hailstorm, capcom assist w/ sent fastfly combo is powerful too. :wink: get down sent unblockable lasers. if you have a mismatch in your advantage like storm vs cable with no anti air, build bar if you want to. s.j. and if cable isn’t in the air to shoot you build bar at the top of the screen and hcqf+k. if it’s free then do it. you can use the whirl wind to control cable and float to the side of the screen you want to be on. just be careful for the helper and cables fire power. don’t get underneath him unless you’ve seen he’s missed with an assist or for some substantial reason he’s in the air with no protection from the ground, you’ve got (what is it?) 5 seconds? before he can call another. you need to pay attension to this against all character really. again sent…go wild unless he has unfly. if your capcom puts him in unfly just block and watch for him to make a mistake like normal jumping and wait for it to run out. don’t give him the satisfaction with hitting him with capcom again and giving him back all his unfly again. again mag and other storms, push block close attacks. you don’t want them rushing down your throat, it mostly always ends up leading to a shit load of damage. which is the same thing you are going for.

oh yea agianst sents try and mix up the way you fall and float and what not… he may try to unblockable laser you. pwn his ass if need be. he will mostly try to do this to you when he doesn’t have unfly. just becareful and not patternistic.<–making up words…lol.

it’s sent on point…

fp laser xx lk drones with storm typhoon assist

a quick question that’s not related to the topic:

who’s the better Team? Santhrax or Matrix

Santhrax is in theory, but imo between these 2 teams, the better player wins.