Team Santhrax

santhrax is better vs runaway teams, matrix is better vs certain counter assists, like doom, tron and a few others

it’s split pretty even overall… most people would agree that sent/capcom is better than sent/cyclops, but storm/cyclops is better than storm/capcom

theory marvel is crap because theoritically s\d can win consistently if you play it right. Which just isnt the case.

if you looked @ it from the perspective of limiting option tree (which is marvel), matrix is by far the better team because cyke is a better character while still keeping the team chemistry. Cyke even covers his own exit at times which capcom never does.

matrix is basically a 3 man team because cyke is that damn good.

the only obvious advantage that santhrax has is the capcom AA but what good is that if he gets snapped and dies off? At least when cyke gets in he can build meter and fight and his KK super can be comboed into either strom or sent. Sure the same thing can happen to cyke but he stands a better chance of living than capcom ever will.

based on counter teams. i’m going for matrixx. cyke is more versatile than capcom on point.

i’ll take storm sentinel cable over both of them for best all around

^yeah i like that team more than the rest cause it TEACHES you how to play those characters, once you get good with them you can start picking:

santhrax, matrix, scrub, scrubclops, and win even more consistently


can you do the triple rocket punch combo with capcomm?

Anyone here know the url of mvc2 thread archives?

So I have a question. When I sit down and play with Santhrax I get the game plan from the start. We all know what to do with Storm, getting to Sentinel is essential, but what do we do from there? I’m actually quite confident with Sentinel, playing him isn’t the problem, but building meter is. From my point of view it’s an akward position to be in because at some point, you’re going to have to pass through Commando. Not only does it cost three meters, but you can’t kill a character without spending four. What should you be focusing on when at this point in a match?

well it all depends on the match up at that point.

If you are playing Agianst MSP, and you’ve killed magneto with the Dhc, and sentinel is now in, Your plan should be to pin storm as much as you can, bait AAA to punish, and just kill storm.

Usually the fight with storm might last sometime depending on how good the player is. if you ever find yourself low on heath, you’ll usually have the 3 meters from fighting storm, and taking damage.

Really Dhc’s with that team is to gain control all over agian.

just play the match up correctly, and you can’t go wrong.

oh and remembe to practice Hk Drones XX Plasma Ball, dhc Captian sword, dhc HailStorm for a Safe/Pin set up dhc.

bout the hk drones xx plasma ball…

do you have to cancel the drones before or when it hits the opp.?


when you see the 3rd drone enter the screen is when you do the xx into PB, then DHC to hail.

i thought playing santhrax was much easier than that. storm launcher to magic la ls, dhc hsf to whatever and the first char’s dead.

lol Santhrax takes more skill than that depending on who your playing.

A good Mag or Cable will force Santhrax to play better than that, Santhrax is the “best” team in the Game when some like Sanford or Justin play it, and if you notice, they do more than Launch, Magic Series, LA XX LS, dhc HSF. That is the BnB you should be going for after a Launch though, when you get the 2 meters, it’s free dead character unless the Combo meter is high, which means the damage scale won’t be so great, and might not kill Sentinel, even with the follow up combo, but that’ll only really happen if you combo in drones with storm, and do a Tri jump Infinite, in which case you get more meter, and free damage without using one yet.

Santhrax basicly is Great Spacing vs Storm/Sentinel/Mag teams, and Precise Rushdown vs Cable

Its better to hit the second person with your DHC if possible, that almost always seals your victory. A good SSCapCom can outplay most starting matchups. Try to beast the first person with Storm. Its not hard to build supers in many situations.

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You do realize that the second video you linked is a joke video…right?


go here

its a link from zachds site, i wont say its the best but its 20 matches of santhrax vs. santharx and these ppl are pretty good, its chunksta vs blaziniflo