Team .SCA Tekken online Tournament

Team.SCA will be hosting its very first Tekken Tournament.
The Tournament will begin Monday, June 3rd.

Our team will be donating a generous prize pool “via paypal” to get people hyped.
To sign up, just click the link below and fill in your information.
If you have any questions visit us on our teamspeak:
Or contact us via PSN: Tunk_Omega
We hope you enjoy the tournament and look forward seeing everyone there.

“Team .SCA has been based around StarCraft II for three years now,
but recently we have expanded into the world of Tekken.
We view this as an opportunity to explore a brand new area for us and contribute a piece of our team to the scene.
Tekken players are known for being fierce and relentless, something that we value and admire.
Hopefully you will enjoy the events to come!”

-Travis “AprilTerran” Yang - .SCA General manager