"Team Scrub"(Cable/CapCom/Sentinel) basic help

this is my main team and i like to talk about basic strategies for improving my skills with this team.

I like to switch CapCom for Dr.Doom for the B-Assist,but,where the best opening and strategies for the switch.

If this thread is repeated,please advice me.

Play Cable/Sent/CapCom. You can either start out Sent or Cable…leave CapCom last obviously. Depending on the opponents’ team you can either: go Sent/CapCom to crush the opposition and build meter all the while for HSF combos or for Cable, or start Cable and zone the living daylights out ov ppl with drones and corridor ‘accordingly’.

A great level ov patience is necessary when against a competant Magneto/Storm player for Cable is VERY PRONE to blockstun pressure strings and one mistake will cost you your whole team. Sent is a BIG target and is prone to ROM as well as square jump cross-ups. In the corner he practically dies without some sort ov defense. Storm can run from him 1/4 ov the time and massively chip him safely with hailstorm (predict this with a tk’d Normal Rocket Punch to dodge the typhoon and cause massive damage to Storm). Apply Magnus strats to her as well. And as for CapCom…he’s just pringles without an extreme amount ov patience!!

I won’t get into Cable/Sent/Doom just yet…

For Magneto,who i sent first?

I like use DrDoom for B-Assist Presure and the B-Assist for CapCom is good against Magneto players…

Against Magneto I’d recommend Sent first. Use crouching fierce punch (laser), then cancel it into fly. You can either unfly and land or you can throw out a frying pan. Call CapCom pretty much whenever Magnus tries to get in. Repeat this and try to react to what he’s doing and keep him out. If you panic, HSF is pretty safe against Mags as long as he gets hit (has to block) by the drones.

Best opening strat is usually just crouching block, call commando. But you do have to be aware of double snap. Sent is a bit easier since super armor gives him more leeway, so you can dash back or jump up. As for swithing, Sent just needs HSF to get in. Cable can be a lot harder because he doesnt really have a safe DHC all the time.

This is all based on my very limited experience.

A very basic strat to start with Sent vs mags is laser cancel to fly. stay in flight about normal jump height. If he dashes forward do hp. If he airdashes forward fly up a little and hp again. Since the hp hits about half screen don’t be won’t have to terribly worry about timing, you can hp on reaction to mags movements and not worry about throwing it out too early.

With Sentinel,or anyone i guess, you definately want to keep your space against magnus. With Sentinel you can use the switch glitch to dash back at the beginning at the match. The only way it can be punished is magneto can dash up c.lk to you as his first move. But he would have to predict you are doing it which is rare.

Which is the better assist for Sent? Drones for zoning purposes, or RP assist for a AHVB setup?

[COLOR=“Lime”][COLOR=“Lime”]Both are pretty good. I think rp is more for offense and drones are for more defense.

I prefer drones. With rp assist there are some good options for a lock down for some characters, but i think drones works better against for pinning a sent down from a distance.

But yeah both are good maybe drones are for a more lazy player? Naw generally that team is played with drones. Try both and see what feels more your style.

-just my 2 cents[/COLOR][/COLOR]

um…drones give cable alot. :smokin:

You get extended guard strings, a psuedo anti-air, and the ability to do a lot more zoning with drones. Rocket punch for the most part is only extra damage after you already got a hit, with meter, you dont even need this extra damage.

If you start sent, what exactly do you suggest if sent gets hurt and needs to get out? Your only options are to DHC time flip and waste 2 supers (supers that cable is in need of) to still only maybe be safe, or else go for the random tag. Neither of these options really appeal to me, so I like to start cable. Cable has good meter build, good keep away, good DHC to sent, and is pretty safe against magneto with drones and capcom at his disposal, if you are good at blocking at least, and dont normal jump and get guard broken.

Also cable has c.lp start which stops magneto from using tricky jump openers. Combining this with blocking low gives you a more than 50/50 chance of being safe at match start. Only way you aren’t safe is if you do c.lp and he does c.lk.

Actually you’re supposed to counter Cable scimitarxxAHVB. That’s the safest and most common way of getting Cable in.

Another safe way of getting cable in is do Hk. drones and tag cable in. This way Cable will land right where the drones drop the bombs, protecting him.

Rocket punch is more of a spacing tool rather than just added combo damage.
Too many times i’ve see an assist or magneto slip up and run smack into a rp assist which of course ends up in ahvb.

Yeah, counterxxAHVB is good, but it still uses 2 supers. Unless you have been building mad meter sent vs. mag or storm, then youve got a cable, hard to say whether you can use drones or rocket punch at this point without worrying about sent eating it, with barely a meter for your opponent to worry about.

I forgot about that one. If you have lots of meter then it is a solid option. If you are getting ate up by mags its to little to late due to lack of meter. If you are playing vs. thrax, then that gives storm a big meter advantage vs. cable cap, which makes it alot scarier to call cap.

Im not saying starting sent sucks…it has its perks. I also agree with Rocket punch. Cables s.HK and Rocket punch cover horizontal zoneing in a scary way. I also think there is a pretty solid grenade trap with rocket punch, I just dont know it offhand.

I just think drones limit your opponents options more than rocket punch, and that they can be or cannot be safer depending on the way cable is played.