Team Seattle Documentry?

This was brought up during post MNF PHO. With SFIV on the horizon, and along with the announcement of the EVO Exhibition tournament. How do you guys feel about trying to document our getting ready for EVO this year? I know we aren’t going to be able to be on some Bang the Machine type stuff, but like I think it would be really awesome to try to do. Plus it’s tight to have just for like memories and shit (Like TDP’s videos from EVO 2k2 and 2k3…ESPECIALLY THE 2K3 ONE) What’s your guys feedback on this? I figure it’d be better to try to get a small head start on it now since SFIV drops in about 4 weeks.


This needs to happen. As much as I think about it, I really wish we would’ve done this back in 2003. That would have been incredible.

Be a man Hulk
C’mon don’t be scurred
You’re runnin from Macho
That’s what I heard

Did you know that CD only sold around 3,000 copies? Even more impressive, I actually own the album. The insert folds out into a mini-poster of the Macho Man shirtless.

I’m amazed it sold that many. Although with cuts like Perfect Friend, you’d think it’d be going platinum.

Prymary Colorz!

What’s funny is that we learned about the album when Ian’s older brother bought it for him as a christmas present one year. That album’s got classics such as…

Be A Man
Hit The Floor
Let’s Get It On
I’m Back

That album spawned one of the best quotes ever.

“His beats are serious, but his flow is garbage!”-Desmond aka Xecutioner

That really would have been way too bomb. Except for the tragic end :sad:

I really like the idea Frank.

Seattle Documentary sounds exciting. If there’s something I can help with, I’m up for it.

“Does he rap like he talks?”

You already know my take on this one Frank…we NEED this shit…for real…we need to do this

Macho Man’s dedication track to Mr. Perfect was on constant rotation for a minute.

You were my perfect friend
Right there until the end
I’m forever missin’ you
Until we meet again

That shit hits deep, you know it came from the heart.


Shit is too funny.

What about Shaq’s rap CD? I have that one.

I hate to brag
damn I’m good

back on topic, yes, we need to do this!

The soundtrack definitely needs to be Randy Savage - Be A Man though

Nope. And you should stop being a *** and gaying up this thread.

Pissed off edit: WTF when i type in EFF AYE GEE i get 3 stars?

But to get back on topic, who has video cameras and stuff? I know Josh has had experience with this since he did one a few years ago. Should we meet up at Zach’s tomorrow and discuss some shit? I’m open for any types of suggestions here, that aren’t related to Macho Man Randy Savage, or anyone else in some sort of man on man contact entertainment sport.

I can help with editing and shit.

Get a hold of cloudcap, because I know he has a lot of experience doing professional camera work with snowboarding videos.


I’m just tryin to help out, and bring some more positive energy here. You’re my perfect friend.

This one goes out to my real close friend and buddy
Curt Hennig A.K.A. Mr. Perfect just want to
let you know that you’re missed but you’ll never be forgotten
You’ve always been an incredible friend and we just want
you to know that we’ve got your back buddy
system style from Macho Man Randy Savage

Also, I think a video is a great idea

Can’t explain the pain
I never felt like this
Mr. Perfect don’t you know that you’ll be truly missed!

For more information on this fantastic group visit the link below

You’ll be happy to know that I in fact went to that page a few months ago without the inspiration of this thread. I knew that it would come in handy someday thought, admittedly, it isn’t as tight as Freak Nasty’s myspace page

Never seen em!