Team Seattle Guys Night Out Thread!

Yo! after many night kickin with people, I was wondering how you guys felt about having a night out w/o games to chill and have drinks out at a club?

ive been to clubs with a bunch of you (cole, mandel, jmar, rat, row). so, whos down??

You fuggin already know, how I feel! WAR ROOM!

Let’s go to war.

no homo

West Coast.

I’m up for it. Once the weather turns nice, I am up for going out and playing some sports. I’ve bought a few mitts and am looking for some more just for this reason.

Does the War Room still charge a for a cover after a certain time? I’ve made it there without having to pay one the few times I went, and was just wondering if any of you guys could post up the time, when they start charging for cover.

I almost got into it with a fat asshole last time I went, but wasn’t made aware of it 'till the morning after, when a buddy of mine was like “Yeah, the dude was huge and ready to kick your ass before his 6 friends tackeled him to the ground”.

What are the drink specials?

depending on the day you go its usually 5 bucks before 11, and 10 bucks all night after that but if youre on the list you’re free until 11.

my friends girl is with resident media and we had the double wide booth by the dance floor right in front of the dj booth for his bday in december and she said it was free so i was thinkin we could get that. they also usually have the upstairs deck open with torches and a bar goin so you dont have to go outside to smoke and then wait in line for re-entry.

as far as drink specials im not sure but i think pbr is like 2-3 bucks. we usually smash a bottle in the car after we get stamped and then go inside hella drunk. or you could always get stamped and go for drinks at the maharaja cuz their drinks are stiffer (no homo) and cheaper

it’d be tight to have a bunch of us out there all drinkin and kickin it. now ive seen row, rat, jmar, ebm, mandel, the future, and some other muther fuckers out there already. EVEN COLE HIMSELF CAME THROUGH to pop lock and put it down for the old school on an 80’s night.

im thinkin if enough people want to just kick it we should do this. bring your girl, or your homies. we’ll have the booth, and hopefully its not filled with penis and alcohol but even if it is WE CAN CHANGE THAT haha. get me your first and last name so i can have you put on the list or you can get on the list yourself but as long as that happens and youre there before 11 youre free so if its not your thing or you wanna bounce just leave and you didnt lose anything. its right by the qfc on broadway so theres the garage, or a bunch of other bars/clubs you/we can go to if it doesnt crack that night. theyre in walking distance.


or if not a club then what else would people be down for? random titty bar night? lol

When would this take place? Also, is there a dress code for the war room? The only thing in my closet are Dickies.

I’m down for the War Room, I live like 15 minutes away from there anyways. I think I got some nice clothes lying around somewhere. Let’s do eet.

EDIT: Garage is pretty chill too. Bowling is fun, even if I suck.

DOUBLE EDIT: Chapel is also pretty sick, Happy Hour is pretty solid => 5 dollars for their special martinis.

Do you have a specific weekend in mind Josh.

*This message has been deleted by 3pwood. Reason: I don’t really know the guy enough to joke about his sexuality. *


whenever you guys are free! just post dates you guys are willing to come out so we coordinate this

I am fuckin down to get our stamps so we can get in free, then hit up the Rose Petal for some PRE-FUGG.

rose petal or rose bud? cuz rose bud doesnt play whenthey pour shots

Actually I think it’s called the Rose Bud on second thought. That just goes to show you how serious they are. I leave that place drunk all the time. Like that time, Me, Eddie, CJ, and Brandon went there to PRE-FUGG before going back to the War Room. That shit was GLORIOUS. I don’t really remember a damn thing from that night. What was funny was the pictures of us that went on the internet because some snazzy professional photo booth session was on the roof hahah.

hahaha i saw those pictures! yeah ebm got me hip to rose bud too. i know hes down to come through too

there was this one night at the rosebud where josh and his manriki chain, myself, ebm, zero, and his roomate aaron went to prefunk at the rose bud. i had a fuckin 5th of johnny walker black label in my backpack so we bought 1 drink each and everytime someone killed their drink they would walk to the bathroom and fill that shit up with black label AHAHAHAHAHA WE WERE HELLA FUCKED UP…later on that night josh had to save these 2 pussies from getting beat up by 1 man while they were IN THE DRIVE THRU line at the jack in the box on broadway. yeaaaa gettin your ass beat at 3am with manriki chain/metal nunchuks in a fast food parking lot on broadway…need i say more? AHAHAHAHA ask josh for full story

sidenote: the rose petal is that restaurant on mlk way where niggaz always get in fights, and when you drive by the sign just says restaurant. when i was younger i always thought it was just called “restaurant” and thats where all the hood niggaz eat…or the silver fork haha