Team Southwest 5 man team MvC2

Fuck it

You can’t do anything when it comes to MVC2…
Every man for them selves then

dirty south gettin it crunk, cheaaaaaaaaaaa

Gotta be MagX, VegX, Mixup, Duane, and Gene or Carney

Bring the pain from the south!

Mag X, VegX, Duane, Gene…whoever else.

I’m thinking Mag X, Veg X, Mixup, Duane, Gene. Man I wish Joe was still hardcore cuz you could definately dump Gene to the side for him. Lol hopefully Gene doesn’t read this…

Gene hella raped my ass at EVO South in the 3rd round like nothing :frowning:

My tall whiteboy powers with longhair assist had no effect on his Iron Man.

Gene’s really good, but Joe in his prime was the best in H-town. Although Asian Hitler in his prime rules them all.

Carney took out AznHitler first round and was jumping up and down like he had 50 redbulls after that haha.

It was a awesome match.

lol…yeah that would be nice…but knowing Joe he probably hate console for some reason… Having Gene and Duane is weird… both play the same team and even chris plays team combofiend… I would like Totaltonage since he’s the only soild Storm/Sentinel/Cap player out there put we’re let the people decide…
Or a coin toss…whatever comes first…

Yeah but the thing about Carney is that he really isn’t consistent and according to chris he has been owning him out there for freeeeeee…

hmm i forgot about both Duane and Gene using the same team. Duane has more experience with the top level guys so you’d have to go with him. No offense against Gene’s skills at all it’s just that he’s been under big time pressure more then Gene has from what I’ve seen and he can most likely handle it better. I’d go ahead and put in Toanage if Joe scrubs out, which is unfortunately highly likely.

Lolz, I haven’t been saying all that here. I wish that me and Brad played more here but we just don’t anymore that much which we should since this tourney is coming up and everything. I wish it was free, but im happy that its good games or else I would me and him would fill like we aren’t learning anything! Its good shit sometimes here.:wgrin: :wgrin:

sorry guys cant make it this year, its evo or my hdtv lol

why dont duane and gene play each other first to 10 for the spot, no money just for the spot. The last spot should be Eder, last evo he got top 8. Thats good enough for me.

If i’m on the team…sentinaaallll has to be our anchor, he’s back in the game and i can’t think of anyone on the list better in team tourney play.

the real question i have to ask can fl offer a 3rd player or are we set that it has to be a local from texas(ect). Pat and Chris are the locks for N.O reppin so i will ask u guys. Who do you feel would make our team strongest

between eder(consistent all day),garvin(steppin his game up a lil recently), paul shultz(my new beastly desciple,savage strider/doom)

I think one of those guys would pull their weight and drop people.

eder is O.G status and thats what we want when it comes down to clutch situations. jon and eder on same squad is a keepaway/defensive nightmare, add that to our rushdown squads, you have a pretty beastly squad that is consistent in tourney play.

edit: i’d like to set-up a playoff between those three if you agree.

Thats cool but it must be faith and all…just as u posted mike Pm that John is going to Evo after all so its all good…
Hope u do well at Evo South if you still decide to go…

Im getting an Hdtv next week and im still going to be able to make it.

Im sure you can make it if you really wanted to, there’s no such thing as CANT. You should take that word out of your brain!

evil magnus reunion

my first evil magnus rival:lovin:

Thats cool hummmmmm…such a hard choice
Its either John or Eder

Just don’t know don’t know…

So lets recap…

Me (Vegita-x)
chris (Magneto_x)
Mike (Mixup)
Duane (Marvelous_one)
John (Sentinelll) or Eder (The fuckin Chedder)???

uh, evo south was a long time ago…

this is simple,


eder has been there before and done well in big tourneys. i would put joe over gene on the team anyday of the week. if joe still played(does he?) i would put him above eder and john. the only gripe i could see is that new orleans has 3 ppl and FL has only 1, it might be fair to have to put on john. or john and pat could play for it?

OR i could just come down to n.o. next week and rape the shit out of u pat and convince u to put me on the team after i beat u 50-0? how about that