Team Sp00ky gets to stream Evo :-D Now who's on the mic?

Congrats to Team Sp00ky on lockin down the EVO stream spot. You always have great commentary and combat the haters in the chat but you know it’ll be 10,000+ strong probably in terms of viewers like the last few years (40k at least once right?)

The question will be, will there be any guest commentators or a few mainstay ones with others coming in? This wouldn’t be a bad idea considering the variation between the games this year. Not only a well informed commentator on the game but someone who can entertain the crowd as well. Not a comedian but someone with personality.

UltraDavid’s name has been mentioned and Sp00ky could/should be on the mic a lot since he’s the ringleader, but for games like MK bring in Tim Static if he’s there, or Krayzie Bone and for BB someone who’s top in that, that understands the game a bit more. You get it.

Also if the 3s exhibition is streamed there’s only 1 choice for this, and everyone knows who it is. If he comes out this year, Rockefeller should definitely commentate it. Hopefully without someone cutting him off every 2 words like in 2k9.

I know a lot of people want it to stay clean, and I’m sure the EVO staff would like the same so obviously there’s a trade off on who can and can’t be on unfortunately, but I think there’s enough people who not only know their games but are lively enough to hype it that could assist on the mic for said game.

Well even Yipes can keep it family friendly if you tell him to. I remember seeing it happen a while back. But…

Because it’s a more public event you’d need someone like UltraDavid/Skisonic/James Chen/Seth Killian because they can break down the game in a friendly tone and easy-to-understand fashion so it’s accessible to all viewers. If any fighting game speak is used, it should be used sparingly and defined at such times.

And I’d agree with having a similar representation across to the Blazblue and Mortal Kombat side.
Definitely up for lively commentators, this is the best chance to show what the community can present at its best.

i like a lot of the guys that do commentary, but i really enjoyed the duo of james chen and arturo at CEO this past weekend for SSF4AE

i like chen and UD, but they both fill the same roll IMO as great play by play. i think they should be split and put with more guys that are color commentators to match their play by play

I think throwing Yipes with either Chen or Ultradavid would be good. Have some comic relief etc while having somebody to be serious with the play-by-play and whatnot.

I agree with azproc though, it would be good to have the commentators explain the terms that they’re using for the mainstream people who don’t understand, since a lot of times it’s shorthand speak to keep up with the pace of what’s going on. (Ala MvC3)

Ultradavid + James Chen imo

If Rockefeller attends and the 3s exhibition is streamed he really is the only choice.

We can have 3 on the mic too… I believe that Ultradavid, Skisonic, Yipes, Killian, JChen and the same Sp00ky will do all the MK/Capcom Games. On other games like Tekken or BB we need somebody else.

Also they can have some players on commentary sometimes…

Adam Sessler + Chris Hu
Make it happen! :smiley:

Please get people who understand the games enough to PLAY on a high level, and not just talk about it. Because I watch many streams and though I’m not super serious about any games right now, I know when people say dumb shit that is plain wrong or the commentators ask “I wonder why they did that!!!” when the answer is clear to anyone who actually plays the game. It’s embarassing.

Unbiased people on the mic this year for tekken… please. Not just the WC BFFs who are just going to cheer on their friends the whole time. This TTT anymore. Other people are good at the game now, it’s time to move on from the glory days.

Regardless of what happens, i know that sp00ky will make the right choices. Just like it was the right choice to give sp00ky a chance to host this year. Because the last 2 years have been terrible due to many reasons.

People love Rock so much but is he even going to be there?


grats sp00k

commentary: evo is a big weekend there is no reason to not mix it up. various communities have various go to guys for this. just make sure to cast appropriately.

First off congratz Team Sp00ky for getting to stream Evo!
I’m sure Sp00ky can find guys to commentate EVO for anime games, more than likely they’ve got their own guys on their own quality streams. And keep in mind this is EVO, the biggest Fighting Game tournament in the world, we need to keep it family friendly. Also, I’m sure G4 or some show will want to have they’re own part of the stream where they have their own commentary (please no Sessler though)

As for who I want to hear James Chen/Art were really good, James Chen/Yipes was really good as well, James is the Wolverine of commentary put anywhere and your bound to win. Same with Ultradavid. Ski Sonic can hold down for a bit on his own, he’s got a style of commentary that’s all his own, but can get tedious listening to him at times so I’d pair him with someone who’s not really out there but is just as knowledgeable in the game, someone like Ryan Hunter (from I feel he’s pretty underrated, and that’s if he goes to EVO. He did a bit of commentary at CEO and does his own streams.

Since this is EVO, we have to remember to keep it family friendly, something that levelup did well. Part of Team Sp00ky’s appeal is that it’s fun to hear Yipes or Art go “WTF” on a knee jerk reaction, and it’s funny to tell jokes and such but keep it to a minimum. I’m sure Sp00ky will straighten all this out, I’m not really worried about who’s commentating because he won’t let it fail.

Get a combination of Skisonic, Yipes, Chen, Ultradavid, Dogface, Seb, or Art, and I’ll be happy. One technical guy and one color commentator.

someone that isnt dry please…and no sessler >_>

Pretty much can’t go wrong.

Anyone who actually knows that Ammy is a wolf and not a dog. If I hear “and thats a dead dog” one more time :mad: Joking aside I’d love to hear good ol Seth + whoever for MvC3. Get any combination of subt-l, Qdogg, bronson, markman, filthierich, aris and rip for Tekken 6.

I vote myself for every game, norcal bibleblack hype needs to be at evo

I’m always a fan of doing the play-by-play and color commentary duo that sports do. Someone who can tell us what’s goign on, and someone else who can give us the insight and detail on it. I’d like Ultradavid as that play-by-play guy, and maybe Arturo as the color. Or maybe Gootecks. On second thought, let’s just let Gootecks and Mike Ross to commentate all of Evo.

All of it.

as long as S.kill is on the mic …the rest is gravy

This is a PROFESSIONAL+MAJOR event, that means any commentators who talk like they talk on the streets shouldn’t even be near the mic period!

I’m gonna get mad hate for saying that but I know all the event organizers will back me up with that statement. I’m not gonna name any names.

My picks are UltraDavid, James Chen, Seth Kill, Keits, NerdJosh, Skisonic, and DogFace.

I don’t normally share my inputs but for this event, I feel the need to let the EVO organizers know. All of the guys I have mentioned have made my stream viewing enjoyable. They know how to keep me entertained, even if I don’t know a damn thing about the game lol. This is just a brief comment, I don’t wanna go into detail as to who did what and all that crap. The only thing I ask is for Skisonic to keep the bitch word outta the commentating throughout the event lol. Other than that, GET HYPE!!

As for the people I have not listed, have them commentate the winner finals or something. Try not to use too many mArVeL slangs please… shit gets annoying. Speak normally… That’s just me though.

One last thing I feel is the most important objective for the event. MAKE SURE TEAMSPOOKY OR WHOEVER IS RUNNING THE STREAM TEST THEIR SHIT BEFORE GOING LIVE. So far, the only stream I have watched that didn’t have any lag problem was from Revelations. Maybe it was just me that lagged but I just wanted to throw it out there for you guys.

How about Tuboware + Ultra David… to create UltraWare. As seen at UFGT7!!

(I know this wont happen)