Team STC Presents: TOSF:HQ - It's here! (TORONTO)

The idea of TOSF:HQ

HQ was inspired to us by what we saw in Montreal. Individually, we are all just students, some with no jobs, some with part time jobs, but together, we were able to pool enough resources to start a place like this. Our main objective of TOSF:HQ is to have a place that is ran by the players, for the players. In addition, We also would like to provide a location that will provide training with the best of the best players in the GTA.

All donations and door entrees paid by the players will be used to cover rent and expenses that comes with having a place like this. If there is any excess money taken in, it will be used for future development such as buying streaming/recording equipments and renting out a bigger place to accommodate more players. With that being said, we would still like to stress the fact that we are a non-for profit organization. Just like MTLSF:HQ, we are doing this for the benefit of the players and future growth of TOSF.


The HQ will be operated by team STC in collaboration with other respected members within the scene including: DarkDragon, Emlarr and KillaCamm.



Everynight we will be opened til atleast midnight if you’re coming by for the holidays!

The schedule for HQ breaks down to this:

Monday 5pm-10:30pm
Tuesday 5pm-10:30pm
Wednesday 5pm-10:30pm
Thursday 5pm-10:30pm
Friday 5pm-12pm
Saturday 5pm-12pm
Sunday 5pm-12pm

JS Master and Eric Hai will be here almost on a daily basis after 7 o’clock. SpiralGuy and Mr. Trite will be making appearances a couple times a week.


375 Middlefield Road (Finch and Middlefield) This is a storage Unit that will fit approximately 10-12 players at a time.


By Bus; take 130 from Scarborough Town Centre and get off the 4nd stop after you pass Middlefield road. (Approximately 7-10 Minutes) Or take any 129 McCowan North buses and get off at Middlefield road. And it’s a 5 minute walk from there.


Please check out our website at:

JS Master - 416 904 2843
Dark Dragon - 647 887 4972


To provide a fiercely competitive environment to level up the community; allowing every player that comes in to receive tips/advice from some of the best players in Toronto if not Canada. Moreover, our goal is to pull the community together. The best, and fastest way to improve is to have everyone train together. There will be no isolations, no personal hates; just a chill environment to play SF.


Just a friendly reminder, please do not show up to HQ with no money for your entry fee. No one is responsible for your door entry but yourself, don’t show up and tell us that your friend that is later coming, all fees must be paid when you enter. We’ve tried to be lenient and allow people in on credit but all it does is give us headaches, chasing people around for $5. If you do not have your entry fee, i will have to ask you to leave the premises. We’ve had too many problems with too many people trying to take advantage of HQ.

-Single Entry $5
-6-Entry package $20
-14-Entry package $40


Every weekend, we will be running small tournaments for both games, Super Street Fighter 4 as well as Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Entry for these tournies are usually $2-3 depending on the prize we’re able to to scrounge up. We recently gave away a copy of the MvC3 Brady Games Guide, we will be looking to put up more SF related prizes.

Special thanks to Omega_Orochi423 and Omega Collectables for all your generous donations!

This will be the official training grounds of Team STC and many other top players in the scene such as Spiral Guy and Mr. Trite. What better way to get better then training with the best? Please keep checking this thread, as we will have specials on certain nights, and we are opening up possibility to run theme nights such as 3rd strike and MvC2 depending on player’s interests.

Stay tuned for more details…

Impressive, I hope this works out.

Where there’s SF. I’ll be there.

brb deleting thread

dang. 7 days a week casuals. So i guess ill be there every even day.

good shit TO! Glad to hear we inspired you guys! :slight_smile:

Finch & Middlefield?!?! GDLK.

Thanks Quan!

one block from where i live, get me a monthly subscription ;o

holy crap something actually close by

Thanks for the overwhelming support from the community! Keep your eyes peeled, schedules and sign ups will be up shortly, as well as membership plans, TOSF:HQ t-shirts, and many more to come. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at HQ, don’t be afraid to PM JS Master, Dark Dragon or myself if you have any questions in regards to HQ.

HQ the franchise! Haha. That’s the initiative it takes to level up a scene, good shit. Best of luck!

i love the ambition you all have. I’m definitely signing up and anyone who doesn’t sign up is missing out.

it’s not open to all, only the leet kind

money talks though

This sounds interesting. I would very much like to sign up for it. You have my full support.

Not your money though since it smells just as bad as your socks.

Okay everyone! So pricing is set! This is how it breaks down to

-Single Entry $5
-6-Entry package $20
-14-Entry package $40

The schedule for HQ breaks down to this:

Monday 6pm-12pm
Tuesday 6pm-12pm
Wednesday 6pm-12pm
Thursday 6pm-12pm
Friday 5pm-Late
Saturday 5pm-Late
Sunday 5pm-12pm

JS Master and Eric Hai will be here almost on a daily basis after 7 o’clock. SpiralGuy and Mr. Trite will be making appearances a couple times a week.

Due to limited spacing, if you’re interested in coming in on a certain day, please sign up on this thread in this manner;

Name: QuanDizzle
Date: Nov. 17th 2010

Simply state your name and the date you wish to show up on, these days are capped at 10 people maximum, so if you’re interested please sign up, i can’t stress this enough.

We are looking for donations if anyone would like to help out. We need heaters, carpets, chairs, and if anyone is good with carpentry and can help us with some woodwork at HQ we will exchange labor for free entries.

Again, please don’t hesitate to contacting any of us (JS Master, Eric Hai, Dark Dragon, KillaCamm, Emlarr and myself) if you have any questions, concerns or have any donations that you think will be of use to us.

Thanks for All Your Interests!

The feed back and supports in the last two days were inspiring to everyone of us who put work and dedication to HQ. Your responses have shown us that we’re doing the right thing, and we will be working to our best abilities to build a stronger, closer SF community in HQ.

Just to clear up some clouds for everyone; this venue is open to everyone in the community who signs up. Regardless of what level you’re at, you are welcome to join us.

We’ve worked tirelessly over last few days and I’m happy to announce HQ is up and running! The first casual session will be tomorrow starting at 6pm!

Come get owned!!! :nunchuck:

Sign me up for tomorrow.


Date: Nov. 8th 2010

Money is money

This shit is godlike, good shit guys.

I’ll come through tomorrow too

Name: paul187
Date: Nov. 8th 2010