Team Steriods - New find

I’m not sure if this is common knowledge, but sentinal usually cannot to a hyper sentinal force without doing beamxxxpunch as his semi infinite, so a thc is hard to pull off with sent.

but what i found is that you can do the THC version right after you do a regular version (thc as in 2 assist buttons)

and it comboes, this is relevant because instead of doing 3 repetitions of the semi you can instead you can do the team hyper combo and if hulk is next sentinal and hulk alone can peform a double gamma crush (along with alot of damage before hand from 2 hsf ect.).

killing a cable (doing a full 143) or coming very close when peformed correctly (he usually need to fall a little if you do it from the maximum distance or it will only do 130 or so)

i hope it helps

  • Jin

that is common knowledge

it’s also common knowledge that you don’t need to do beam xx rp, xx hsf

u can do it like that, but u can also do it like…

rp, hsf, beam, hsf, beam…

rp, hsf, lp rp, hsf (only once - it’s OTG)

i haven’t seen it done, sorry i guess.

and those other ways suck.

what i was saying was you usually can’t link a hsf into another one (Straight) but you can do a thc.

i guess you can do a fpxxx Thc

ok, the spit only method, IMO, is alot safer cuz alot of peeps tend to fuck up more than one rp…

guess that’s true, but most people don’t, some people dash and some people wait a little onger, it’s not too hard to get spit rp and it does alot more damage.

unless your up against cable it can’t be punished anyways.

i see your point about the safety part…

well i haven’t seen many team steroids in action but killing a character is always better than almost killing a character,

hsf x 3 isn’t as good

as hsf into hsf / double gamma crush.


  • Jin

Not really common thought however, good point.

edit: i apparently can’t spell right now

i usually just do something along the lines of…

rp, hsf, dash, launch, ffly combo into qcf+pp, dhc to hailstorm, or something random like that… idk

you can do that shit all day since u CAN make it an otg…think mag slide infinite


i never knew that rocket punch could juggle. i always figured it’s hit box is down, rather tahn up, like the slide is, so it couldn’t juggle. i gotta look into this, because if i put the cpu on safe fall, i can never hit the rp.

i actually didn’t know about the multiple hsf without anything leading into it until i saw this person play and he had sent left. i saw him do it, but couldn’t figure out how/why until i realized he was pressing A1 & A2. the damage is pretty bad though, isn’t it? i mean, compared do the s. fp & rp.

it’s good damage

if you have hulk gamma

instead of doing the semi infinite

you can do rp xxx hsf

into team hyper with hsf and hulk, and it should kill the player.

unlike the semi with 3 lvls which does less, and a dead character is better than a alive one.