Team Strategy: Magneto, Doom, Cable

These three characters have become my team, because tehy are the top-tier characters that fit my style the most; Magneto doing major damage up close with his combos, Dr. Doom doing massive damage with keepaway (supers, molecular shield) and Cable because… well, I needed a solid third player. I decided on Cable because he had a good anti-air, an even better projectile, and was relatively fast. (I origianlly tried using Sentinel, but I never really got anywhere with him. Which is a pitty, because I quite liked using him, but the faster characters would always just run circles around him.)

I have two crippling difficulties, however.

The first is that I have 0 competition. None. I have one or two people in my town who are interested in fighting games, and they are all very, very bad at them. As such, I am forced to cut my teeth, such as it is, on the computer. Keep that in mind as I explain:

  1. I don’t feel like I’m doing anything particularly skilled, and I don’t konw where to look to get more skilled. The most complex rave I can do with Magneto is lp, lk, mp, – lp, lk, mp, mkXXADUXXlp, lk, mp, mkXXHGXXTEMPEST

Only I can’t get that off very reliably, so I usually just nix the airdash part of the combo and do the hyper grav after the first MK. And it’s teh only combo I do. And the overwhelming majority of the time I only perform it after I connect with a Hyper Grav from halfway across the screen.

With Doom it’s even worse; if the character is rushing in I use the Molecular shield over and over, and if the character is at a distance I wil fly, airdash into a corner and start raining down photon shots. With Cable it’s similar, I horribly abuse Cable’s standing HP and Viper Beams. I can, about half the time, chain 2 AHVBs off of each other.

I would appreciate assistance. Articles, strategies, combo lists, suggestions for team replacements, what have you, that I can learn to make me a better player. Right now I use Magneto’s alpha assist and Doom and Cable’s betas. Although, I rarely, if ever, use them; I’m stuck in teh ‘90s if you will, and can’t seem to train myself to throw assists out more than once or twice a round. I also almost never use delayed hyper combos, and never use team assists, mainly because I don’t think that the damage is worth it most of the time. (And in teh case of a team super, its’ because it’s simply a waste of meter what with Magneto using his Shockwave versus the other two using beam attacks.)

So, again. Any tips/pointers on anything would be extremely appreciated.

FYI, Sentinel is pretty damn fast in flight mode. Learn how to use it by downloading some vids. That’ll also help your Magneto, since that combo posted is pretty, umm, crappy nowadays. It can be mashed out of, so it’s unreliable.

Don’t use team hyper combos.

If you like Mag and Cable, I suggest team Row. That’s Mag/Cable/Sentinel-proj. Put Cable on anti-air and Mags on proj. assist.

Preppy’s site:

if you like magneto, you should definitely learn the ROM infinite. check the magneto threads… and tri jumping. with cable, just go into training mode, and practice your AHVB’s over and over until you can combo at least 3 consistantly.

…Note to self: before posting, make sure you have the game handy to practice with. headslap

Anyway, the part of my team I was planning on keeping was Mags on projectile and Doom on anti-air. It seems to me that they complament each other rather well. Anyway, I’ll do some more tooling around with Sentinel I s’ppose. Gamma assist, correct? The one with the drones?

Hmm. Considering, on reflection, that Magneto is a very advanced character and I don’t feel like I am up to that yet, perhaps I should use an easier team to master first? In which case, which should I use?

mag.cable.doom gets pwned by storm

try cable sentinel capcom or storm sentinel cable

I never could get the hang of Storm. I mean, I tried, but so much of her game seemed centered around the Lightning Attack, the button presses for which were kind of… odd. Not hard to do, but hard to do on reflex. There was one combo I remember that involved like three air lightning attacks and then canceling into Lightning Storm and I just could not for the life of me get it to work more than once every full moon. Although granted I’m using Game FAQs to get most of my combos, which is somewhat, ah, shall we say unreliable? Anyway. i suppose I should probably give her another try. Mag/Storm/Sentinel, as the WTF Are These Three Doing Working Together team? Hm. Possibilities. What assist is Storm’s best, again?

Oh! Before I forget, where’s the official most recent MVC2 tier listings? I mean, I have a general idea of who is where, but I’m curious as to the specifics as of now.

Search for it.




reason why, will go on forever. but i REALLY think sentinel should be #1. he’ll murder both storm and magneto. even cable with patience.

learn storm. everything takes time. practice, practice, practice with her. get a MAS Stick for a console and use that, and bring it to tournaments.

I don’t go to tournaments, there is no competition here except for like five or six people. This is mainly casual play, but I like to have bragging rights.

oh well i play the game seriously, so, i try my hardest to learn everything and get it down quick. but if its just for fun then i guess you dont need to learn mag or storm. but its really neat going to other places and playing other people.

I don’t see how Sentinel will ever be the best character in MVC2. I mean, people that have played Sanford, who has arguably the best Sent in the world, say that regardless of how good a Sent is, he gets shot, plain and simple.

Storm vs. Sent is about 50/50 IMO. It can really go either way, depending a lot on the assists. This isn’t murder.

Mag vs. Sent isn’t murder, either. A smart Mags can win, especially with Psy, Cyke, or drones. Tough matchup for Mags, though.

And Sent gets shot by Cable, even decent ones. Imagine Seattle Cable. :o

Storm has better matchups. Sentinel is a beast, I know. With Capcom, he can be unstoppable at times. However, Storm will likely always be the best.

storm, versatility wise, is the best, thats why she is #1. sanford could beat cables with his sentinel, it just needs to patience. seninel vs mag - mag can have all the patience in the world, but a scrub sentinel can beat him. laserxxflyxxunfly dat shit to death. its not as simple as that though. just stay out of mag’s range, but within your range of hitting. storm has no ground attacks vs sentinel no matter what. same thing with mag. as for cable, fly under, over, or dash him. its not as crush as it sounds. its hard for cable to build meter, on his own. sentinel should have the advantage, with or without asssist. just dont be dumb enough to fly when cable has 4 meters.

Yeah, Sanford can whoop on Cables, but it can also go the other way. :\

A good Mag will time his airdashes well, thereby not being on the ground. Sent’s frypan is still bullshit, though, and still controls space well.

Storm has launch + Commando XX Hail vs. anyone. Psychic LA’s are the key, too.

Mags has sj. short if Sent’s above him.

And when is Cable ever alone? Of course he’s shit by himself. Try getting in on Cable when your opponents playing Team Scrub. You cannot honestly tell me that’s easy. The vast majority of Sents aren’t that patient, plus Cable’s chipping the hell out of you. I’m sorry, but this is easily the worst top-tier matchup. There was a whole thread on it in FGD.

Edit: Thinking about, this what works for me. I don’t know if this stuff is appicable if you live in Top Player Central or something. I wish Mixup or someone else that’s good would still post. :\

I never said it was cake. Yeah it takes patience, with that, you’ll win. Everything cables tries on you will give you unfly. You will eventually corner his, or cross him up mid screen. But one mistake for either of them and its over.

Patience is the key, but I still don’t think it guarantees a win. But, one big mistake for either character and it’s usually over, like you said. :slight_smile:

Justin Wong used Mag/Cable/Doom during a phase. He won Texas Showdown 4 with that team.

Mag has an unmashable tempest combo with doom that’s pretty easy to do. launch, SJ Hk, air dash down forward, sj lk, sj lk, land, standing hk +doom assist(1st hit only), cancel into hyper grav -> cancel into tempest. Huge damage.

I personally do the ROM infinite until I get to the corner, then go for the unmashable tempest. Usually this kills the character and leaves you in perfect position to guard break the 2nd character.

I suggest using the team order Mag/Cable/doom as that works a lot better.

in the corner, mags has an easier unmashable with doom. launch, air dash df, sj. lk, sj. mk, rejump, j. lk, call doom. j. fk, tempest. it only works since the wall prevents them from being pushed back and the rocks keep them in position for the tempest.

box, that isn’t an unmashable. Anything with a hyper-grav can be mashed out of. :\

This team is pretty good, actually. Counters some teams that have Commando, so yeah, it has its uses.

not necessarily. i THINK that combo he states is unmashable. it’d be true if there wasn’t doom’s assit, but the hyper grav “sucks him into” the rocks so if there was a window of opportunity it’d be extremely small.