Team Strategy: Magneto, Doom, Cable

Rowjoe: As Fobio mentioned, the rocks hit like a millisecond after the hypergrav hits meaning you have to be Superman to mash out of it. I’ve done it myself hundreds of times and have yet to see anyone mash out of it. They try… but they fail =)

in the grand finals of evo2k4 david lee pulled that team out, he pretty good til that accidental switch =/

Yeah, he was timing Doom well and countering Wong’s Commando. This team is a good counter team.

As for the unmashable, that’s interesting. I just assumed that since it had a hyper grav, it was mashable. :\

I am using the exact same team as Mag/Cable/doom, but i always got problem when need to switching character… cos Cable is really weak super delay… (at 2nd).

Any good strategy for them on switching character??

Magnetic tempest to time flip is alright. I don’t think it’s been punished badly yet for me.

Alpha Counter into AHVB.

either counter into ahvb and burn 2 meters or wait til they sj and switch or switch when you kill their point char.

leave that team in the battery/user/anchor order, thats how teams are set up. my friend puts cable as anchor in row and it bugs the shit out of me lol. some teams are switchable like matrix/thrax where you can have sent or storm on point but most use sent on point these days and just dont use the dhc from ls to hsf.

Wow, someone actually resurrected this thing? Sweet. Okay, so, the only real Doom combo I know is D+HP, SJ, LP, LK, MP, MK, HPxxpA. Are there any other good Doom combos? Similarly, the only aerial rave I know with Cable is brain-dead magic series ending with AVB or AHVB. I don’t like using Cable’s air combos in general because you have to use DF+HP to access his launcher. Well, I don’t think that Cable’s strengths are in his raves, anyway. So besides being a walking AHVB dispenser, what else is he good for? I might like to mention, here, that i have trouble with the timing on the tiger knee motion; I can usually get two to chain starting from teh ground, but I have serious trouble getting more than that. In teh Mags/Doom/Cable team, what are the best assists? I use Mag’s beam, Doom’s shield and Cable’s simitar. Is that the best way to do it? Thanks for the Doom assist combos… are ther emore? More! :stuck_out_tongue: How about some that start with DOom or Cable? Or ones from Mags that use Cable’s?

Switch Doom and Cable. Make it Mag/Cable/Doom

Cable/Doom > Doom/Cable IMO