Team synergy thread for TvC:UAS

Game is out now. This is no longer the theoretical Team Synergy thread. You can actually test stuff.


Blaze/Zero OMG YEAH!!

^ doesn’t even need a strategy or anything. You win on cool factor alone.

lol shit I didn’t even spell blade right, but somehow it was cooler for it. Fuck strategy, Blade/Zero is everyone’s new team anyways.

team blazero it has a ring to it.

Gold Lightan!



lol guys don’t just post your dream teams here…explain why you think they’d work and what kind of strats you’ve started putting together in your head.

come to think of it, Zero + blade don’t seem to have assists that would immediately benefit each other. As far as I know, they are both attacks that pop the opponents into the air rather than being the kind that are useful for extending ground combos. As far as DHC and VHC options go, Zero doesn’t have any fast supers that could DHC into crash interlude, wheras Blade only has one horizontal firing beam super that causes knockdown. The best I can see this being used for is getting off a free genei-jin for Zero and possibly comboing into said Genei-jin in the corner.

Well I have several teams that I’d think would have some good synergy, and would be very, very fun to play @ a tourney. I know as far as Zero/Blade, and Dub Joe team goes I think that’d besides the cool factor they would all be good squads. Now Blade/Zero…they have Mad mix-ups potential seeing as both characters have some sort of dash that goes through the opponent. Zero is extremely safe character after seeing him being played.

Team D-Boy/Zero (Turtle Meter: My team)
Even the if the player “sucked” regardless of that anyone can see Zero has some pretty no risk factor on his attacks in which case would probably make him an ideal point character to build meter ala Spiral, or etc meter build character. His special moves Hienkyaku (special dash), and Sentsuizen (Sword Dive) seems to be his best moves so far. Hienkyaku has a lot of potential from first speculation.

Cross up opponent, fast fall with Hienkyaku, call out Blade’s twirl saber vertically assist to attempt to hit from behind or at least keep them in block stun. From there you could mix it up or try to apply pressure strings. Mix from there would be yadayada: Do Hienkyaku again then turn on his Sougenmu (Soul Body or V-ism super), after activated do sentsuizen, more sentsuizen spam while in v-ism mode or other special moves spam. After meter has been built you call out Blade or safetag him in the match.

Blade would be to me the character who cleans up the mess, and finishes the match for you. Blade’s combos seem very damaging so all those pitter pat combos you were doing with Zero will pay off. On the side of that Blade seems to be able to hold his own without an assist so this is a very good thing just in case Zero didn’t exactly do his job while on point. Blade’s specials are also good. Spear throws look like good chippers, his dash attack that wallbounces has nice traits that will be exploited soon trust me, and his crossup attack might complement Zero bigtime.

But to make a long story short. I think Zero’s assist will work wonder for Blade’s level 3 seeing as it hits full screen, Blade’s dash super that can punish easily, Zero’s overall safe gameplay style with Hienkyaku and his Soul Body super building meter for Tekkaman Blade to spam supers. So in conclusion to the overall speculation this is how I see the team:

**Zero- **
Pros: Meter Building, Pixie mix-ups, Unrisky Point Attacker or Turtle as well, easy to land Level 3
Cons: Low damage potential, hard to play without an assist, Supers not that good, and probably no good killing potential.

Pros: Great Supers, Heavy damage combos, High Priority, good by himself.
Cons: Might become predictable, Awkward dash, no real pressure tactics and hard to control character.

Team Ken the Eagle/Frank West (RTSD)

Now this team actually sounds very scary. All I could think about was Frank West’s full screen Shinkuu Mega Buster punish, Ken’s runaway+mindgames, and just the solidness of their movesets. This squad I don’t think they would have some righteous ass combo setups I just think their massive pressure game would get on somebody’s nerves lol.

If you even remotely messed up with Frank West. Ken would be there to birdarang assist to keep Frank’s Doronjo/Alex pressure laggy attacks on the offensive. Frank West should always be going for the attack with Ken assisting to keep the opponent grounded.

I just see a lot of Zombie calling-> Ken’s assist->Frank pushes zombie on opponent-> after block push opponent tries to jump->Frank uses Oh My Gosh to keep opponent grounded->runs up for command grab or super command grab or can combo into command grab super as soon as opponent lands.

Ken the Eagles rushing would be easily deadly with Frank’s awesome Camera flash assist. You would not want to attack Ken. I’m not saying much on this team. But it seems they should always stay on the Offensive both characters.

Frank West-
Pros: Mack Truck playstyle, Great Health amount, Shinkuu Buster too good, Great Command grabs.
Cons: Needs a lot of momentum, Very Laggy, Sucks without assist (IMO on 1st impressions), Can’t handle very fast characters

Ace-We know this character well enough.

I’ll share my theory on Double Joe later on today.

I was thinking Polymer/frank. just because it gives frank to call out zombies with the polymer assist. Can anyone think of a team with Joe the condor as the assist. I’m not sure it would work like Kentekka,but some where along the line.

what does Joes assist exactly do? im not that sure

I’m not sure last time I saw it he seems like he shoots his pistol upwards in a certain angle when I saw him with Jun in that one video.

pretty much an anti-air assist, he shoots a couple shots at an upward angle. Just asking what characters would benefit from this

Soki, Saki, Karas, Frank, Zero, Tekkaman, etc. The “ground” fighter could use it better IMO.

Frank’s flash assist is interesting in that it might be able to stop your opponent from being sent flying where they otherwise would have.

It doesn’t do any damage and doesn’t have much hitstun, but it goes almost full-screen. So just imagine setting it of Just after hitting the opponent with something like a Ryu donkey kick and ending up with them being dumped right in front of you.

Based on my experience with the beta at SB4, both Frank and Blade work best with an assist that moves forward and/or covers a larger horizontal portion of the screen. These include Ryu, Morrigan, Jun, and Ippatsuman.

recently ryutekkaman has come to my mind. The team just popped in my head because of ryu’s shinshoryuken and noticing people dropping the follow ups after. So you’d call out tekkaman assits and do whatever combo. I don’t have the game, just thinking and writing

I’m still gonna go hard with Yatter/Roll even with all the Yatter nerfs. Speed & water. I play Doronjo hard too and i couldn’t or haven’t found anyone to work well with her until i played Joe.

i think Joe and Doronjo are gonna be a problem. Both of them play well at a distance and up close. But if I’m zoning you out and you try to get close you are gonna pay for it. He had that Ippatsuman feel but with a fast projectile and a amazing counter. I’ll probably do major training with them once this drops.

There are gonna be some many Zero players though, i can feel it already. I don’t really care either way as long as people play this game hahaha.

I don’t think so, Tekka’s assist has startup lag so it would be very, very tricky to attempt mastering that just for that purpose, just do a B-Tatsumaki or a C-Shoryuken and you’re set.

About Theoretical Synergy…I really wanted to learn some Ippatsuman in CGOH, I always teammed him up with Tekkaman, since you can finish your ground combo with 2C, assist, corridor, so you can extend the combo like Ken/Tekka do most of the time, but I honestly always forget to play them. Plus, they have a great DHC which is Baseball super xx any of Tekka’s, plus, Tekka needs a projectile to get closer to others and Ippatsu does great.

Now with UAS, ironically for this team, the best I can do is upgrading Tekka to Tekka Blade XD:

[]Good DHC and VHC: Baseball super into 40 Voltekka.
]Blade’s AAA for Ippatsuman (how many AA moves does Ippatsuman already has?)
[]Self projectile assist for Blade (apart from the ones Blade already have).
]Mixture of keepaway - rushdown styles for both characters.
[*]Saving super bar (as seen in the videos, Blade doesn’t need too much super bar for doing nasty damage, and Ippatsu just needs 1lvl to land his a.rave reset into yoga strike XD).

Waiting 'till January to check these things out…Damn.

Well it looks like I have to get rid of the Wii to help buy my wife and kids all the shit they want for the holidays. Really do not know if I am getting one back so I will post up my teams here so people know that when one of them turns out to be like how I predicted Polymar/Casshern (that is how I started playing the team but it is actually way better played with Casshern on point but all I knew in the beginning was Polymar’s air reset was the Baroque shit)

All Business: Casshern/Zero------- Used to be Casshern/Polymar

Perfect counter: Tekka Blade/Polymar----------- Used to be Ippatsuman/Voltt

New Fuck around Team: Karas/Alex------ used to be Yatter/Alex

UAS New school team: Ippatusman/Last Tatsunoko character.–(I am that good that I know I will play them!!)

As you can see I have droped people because they are said to have been nerfed but, not been that clear as to the nerfs. Yatter and Voltt have been said to have been nerfed but we do not have a clear answer as to what extent because no one has played them yet.

Karas lost his infinite so I want to play him now. Chun did also so I would of picked her up but only for casuals and maybe random Money Matches in long sets. Who else… Joe the Condor looked cool and I wanted to play him but it looked like it would have to be with Jun because of the complete crazy cool that is.

I have given away my teams, now go and figure out how they just so happen to totaly kick ass!!!