Team Synergy

After getting used to the individual tactics of most character, my focus has shifted to finding people that work extremely well in tandem.

Instead of starting the thread off with something obvious (pretty much all of the assists that extend combos go good with anyone) like Megaman and Ryu, I’d like to talk about the best “defensive” team I’ve come across so far: Doronjo and Viewtiful Joe.

They both have middle of the road stamina, but their keepaway tactics are amazing. Joe’s assist (the bomb) gets pushed across the screen by Dorjono’s QCF special (advancing swinging arms guy), which you can followup immediately with her QCB special (rock throw). If you are feeling saucy, you can try her RDP special (grab) with proper timing to get Joe’s bomb to hit. Their supers don’t go so great together, but I find with a defensive team like this the majority of your meter is used on Mega Crash anyway.

What are some other teams that have two complementary characters?

I like my Doronjo / Megaman team better, though I have some tricks with Doronjo / Roll too.

Doronjo has some crazy potential, people are sleeping on her too early.


Pun intended? :wink:

Anyways, I want to try out Tekkaman and Karas together. They seem like they would work very well together.

Dunno if it’s a legit team, but I’m having lots of fun with Ryu/Polymar. I’m cranking out some major damage, and I’ve 100% combo’ed a lot of people already. Closing the gap is a little hard, but once I get a poke in it’s either megaburst or 100% combo.

This is my main team too, though not really due to any synergy - I just happen to think they are the two best characters =)

Yatterman/Tekkaman have some amazing setups involving Tekkaman’s assist.

ryus assist, dhc and duo seem to complement pretty much everybody

characters that complement ryu are ones whose assists can extend midscreen hurricane kick combos well without hitting them too high, like alex or saki

ryu also works well with characters who can either dhc from a full screen beam super, or have slow, powerful supers to use in a duo (polymer, morrigan)

polymers really good for those air tag combo things, crazy good for duos, assist is kind of hit or miss depending on if your character wants them grounded or not. dhc potential is pretty much ass

tekkaman goes well with chun, mainly for ease of comboing into 623 super for lots of damage. chun also is one of the few characters who can do useful things with tekkaman assist

megaman, saki, hakushon and doronjo like projectile assists to both assist their zoning and bolster their lack of combo tools (for the most part)

I’m thinking Doronjo/Morrigan for my main team. Then maybe Saki/Ippatsuamn or Joe.

The characters Im looking forward to playing are: Karas, Batsu, Polymer and Casshern. Any opinions on team combinations?

my main team is ryu/ploymar. But are preally powerful have easy to hit BnB combos. and you can DHC from shinku hadouken to drill super and it is pretty safe. Also when i go in to baroque mode with ryu after A,B, back C polymar holds them so i can dash up in to a launcher.

I’ve been playing random a lot so i’ll just occasionally note the teams that I think worked well together for some reason or another.

Roll benifits quite a bit from having Casshern as a partner, as his assist can OTG during her sweep combos for some (needed) extra damage. If you do an otg sweep super, you can dhc into casshern chop super for more damage as well. I believe her healing ball will heal casshern as well. This can be very helpful.

Team Low Life ™, Roll/Karas, seems to have some nice stuff going on too. DHC roll healing after wall bounce into karas lv3 will probably never get old. doing healing in an unsafe way to bait punishment and then DHC to karas counter super is tricky too.

That is sooooo evil.

I wonder if Saki’s counter super can be used the same way, even though it’s not that good compared to Karas’s. (or to a lesser extent, Doranjo.)

Edit: Roll/Casshern may indeed be a very good team, because not only can Casshern help Roll’s ground combos, Roll can also heal him with her lifeup super.

Im sure you could, but Saki’s is lv3, so its way more risky.

Hmm, true. And Doranjo’s only works with normal attacks, so it’s also risky.

How would a Karas/Roll team face up against the giant characters? You’d have to be pretty careful, since I’m sure Lightan could rip Karas in half with a few baroque combos, and Roll won’t be able to use her heal super safely.

It could, but the fact that it’s a Level 3 super makes it largely an unwieldy tactic. Whole lot of meter that could have been used for something else.

My personal fave team as of now? Chun-li and Tekkaman.

Chun-li’s assist attack adds a good anti-air/combo starter that Tekka, for the most part, lacks. It also serves as a nice buffer into his other VolTekker super.

Meanwhile, “SPACE LARIAT!” is a nice thing for Tekka to help Chun-li out from time to time, too. If nothing else, it’s an effective set-up into pretty much any BnB air-combo of hers, ideally, ending with Level 3.

If your character(s) is not good vs giants, you basically just run away and build meter, then get in and land your lv3. Then do it again.

Fair enough, but how does Roll’s level 3 do against giants? Does she get the cinematic, or does she just sweep the floor really fast?

Same for Karas. Does he also get the cinematic for his level 3 vs a giant character?

Both of them rely on the cinematic to do most of the damage.

Im 99% certain all lv3s work on the giants. I know for a fact Roll and Karas’ do.

Lv3s also break through demon mode souki’s armor.

Roll and Saki.

Roll’s assist can cover some ground and leave a bucket on the ground while saki throws granades and charges her shots. I haven’t messed with it much but it might probably be possible to have some run away tactics with them. Also Roll’s healing can help in this run away team, haha.

EDIT: However my main team so far is actually Jun/Morrigan. They are both overall good characters and Morrigan’s assist extends anyone’s combo. Her air fireballs are also good for covering the screen and you can easily variable air combo into either one if you need to switch out as they are both great air combo characters. (Having the ability to easily combo into an air level 3 helps, too)

I just tried all the L3 Supers against the Giants and they all work fine. Yami is the only one where some L3s don’t work normally.

Also, since it was mentioned earlier, I’m finding both Doronjo’s Counter Super can stop non-projectile Special moves along with Normals. In fact her’s and Saki’s Counter Super appear to both work against the same moves and fail to the same moves. Add in that Dononjo’s does 15737 damage as a L1 and Saki’s does 20940 damage as a L3 makes it more worth the gamble. (Especially nasty if you notice your opponent just tagged out. If you’re fast enough you can do either and catch your opponent tagging in.)

Edit: Ok, I did find 1 thing Saki’s Counter Super will catch that Doronjo’s won’t catch. Saki’s will stop moves from the Giants while they will smash through Doronjo.