Team Tech Talk (Gummowned and Upas) roll into Summer Jam! Get your sticks modded!

So Gummowned and I (Summer Jam’s TeamTechTalk) will be at Summer Jam!
Strogg was going to come as well, but something came up and he can no longer make it.

We’re gonna be doing arcade stick modifications while there, and we should have a table (I believe Gummowned got a table), so we’ll be on the floor.

Please, for logistics, please PM me or Gummowned if you’re planning on getting something dual modded.

We’re offering modding services for PS3, 360, PS1/PS2 or the Wii. Like with EVO, depending on the customization requested for the controller, it will generally be about 2 hours to complete a dual mod or 3 hours for a triple mod, so you can have your controller back and ready soon!

Dual modding services with parts provided will be:

We can also do wireless mods, LED mods, triple mods, etc. But that will cost more and take longer!

Gummowned and I have both been in the stick modding scene for quite a while. If you ask anyone with a modded stick in MD/VA, either I, Gummowned, or Strogg have done the mod.

two hours? pif more like 1 hour!

I’m prewiring Chimps so 360 TE-> Chimp mods will be more like 20 min !

I personally recommend both Upas and Gummowned. My brother and I have received several mods and repairs from them in the past and both are nothing but professional

I can recommend Gummowned (And Strogg but he isn’t going and I haven’t gotten anything done by Upas), I still need to send my stick over to him to get it fixed, but overall he is great with communication and very professional with the mods :tup:

Yeah these guys pretty much have EC on lock. All my shit still works fine, have had work done by both

I can guarantee you, Upas does some good work.

They got my seal of approval.

Yet another co sign. You won’t be sorry guys!

Tourny was great. Lots of mods done.

Shaq fu was not run which was the only disappointment.