Team Tech Talk Shirt WIP


We had a fun little shirt derailment in the Dual Mod EVO thread. Now that it’s past I figured we might as well have an actual discussion.

Edit: Here are the drafts from Upas we are running with.

Please keep it simple so it can be screen printed or embroidered depending on how this plays out.


I’m going to make a design as well. You have a link to a high res SRK logo?


I’ll throw my hat in there…design coming by end of next week. :slight_smile:


I got a polo design ready to go :smiley:


I’m useless at design for most part, but I’d be up for one of these if/when they become available.


Here you go. Top one is transparent/white so open it in something like Photoshop.


These are my designs:

I stole the joystick bottom from Kyle. If that ends up too complex for embroidering, I’ll use the second kind.

I like my font better. That is all.


I’ll try a couple things and report back.


So it is Team Tech Talk, not TeamTechTalk?


It can be both, but Team Tech Talk is easier to read :smiley:


Did you put a space between these or just kern the letters that it appears as such? Just curious, though. I was more for TeamTechTalk


I just put a space between them, but if more people want TeamTechTalk over Team Tech Talk, we can still do that.

EDIT: Here is a mockup of the one word version:
After doing this, I actually prefer this version.



Can you make two variants? A regular one and a special Namco Stick Owners club one?


Whoa, good stuff. :tup: Would be sick to get v1 embroidered.


Very cool.
Do our names go anywhere?


But then you wouldn’t be able to get one. Meus would buy them all up.


How much would these cost? I’m new to Tech Talk and stuff (and SRK in general), but I love this forum, and nice shirts!


logo’s looking good :tup:


Here’s my contribution. Can’t get it quite as fancy as those guys, but I had to pitch in a little something ;D

The black isn’t as black as I had liked after converting it from .ai to .jpg >_>. And the supid white line that’s on the stick bugs me. Forgive me.

It’s not as clean as the others, for sure, but I wanted to throw my 2 cents in. For the good of TeamTechTalk!


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