Team Tech Talk Tees (Shirts Are Shipped!)


If you want a shirt send me a PM with the following information. I’ve made AA optional. If you do not want it I will use the store’s brand. It will be a normal shirt versus the AA being lighter and tighter fitting. There will be a $2.50 surcharge for AA and $2.50 for 3XL.

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing.

The base price of the shirt is $10.
Letters are 25 cents each with a max of 8 chars.
Numbers are $1 each with a max of 3 characters. If you want three numbers please specify a 2 number alternate in the event it doesn’t work out.
American Apparel is +$2.50
3XL is also +$2.50

Using myself as an example - I want a normal shirt with Kyle and 08 on the back.

$10 for a normal shirt + $1 for Kyle + $2 for 08 = $13.

US shipping will be $4 including delivery confirmation. International shipping will be done at cost.

Full Name:
Mailing Address:
PayPal E-mail Address:
Shirt Size:
American Apparel: Yes/No
Jersey Backing: Yes/No
Jersey Name (Max 8 Alphabet Chars):
Jersey Number (Max 3 Chars):



Username: Kazujiro
Size: XXL
Quantity: 2

Totally want one.

Username: DaRabidDuckie
Size: L

I’m in for an xxxl. I don’t mind paying a bit more if it means you’re not losing money on it.

Order for two shirts
one XL
one small

Username: kubebot
Size: large
Qty: 1 (for now)

A single XXL for me please.

I"ll take 2 shirts. XL for me.

Username: R1V3R5
Size: XL
Qty: 2

Username: Gummowned
Size: L

Hey kyle how are the collars on these shirts. Are they really loose like on a AAA or tight like a pro club.

Count me in:
SN: Phreakazoid187
Size: Large

Username: RoboKrikit
Size: L
Quantity: 2

I can pay in advance.

totally want some
Username: mr mortified
Size: L
Quantity 2

tell me when we gotta pay for these

Thanks for all of the replies guys. It looks like we should able to do 24 without an issue. I need to determine the ratio of sizes to order. From what you guys have said we’re looking at something like this:

1 Small
4 Medium
8 Large
5 XL

Here are the available shirts they can use:
Available T-Shirts and Imprintable Products at - the next step

Here’s the shirt they recommend out of the ones that don’t have an extra charge. - Products - Fruit of the Loom? Lofteez? - Tagless T 20230R

Oh I love to have one,

User name: Darksakul
Size XL

Just point me to where I should pay.

One XL for me, please.

Two mediums for me!

Any shirt measurements (such as length, width, whatever)? I usually wear M but sometimes L. I don’t want to order M and it’s too tight or L and it’s too loose, you know? I was unable to find any information.

I guess for now, I’ll say
Username: bzzt
Size: Medium