Team Torrance: We back!?


call me up …nub, i’m switxhing to gen for a couple of weeks to make him my second or main him (not because of yeb… LOL)

so i’m going to be HELLA easy to beat on for awhile… also going to be picking up fei as a third, so i need practice versus some folks.



I’m down to game today, labor day ha ill go into work tommorow.


Hey Dime, I’m also starting up a secondary, perhaps we could get some practice in so we both don’t get rocked too hard at first.

My phone service is STILL off though…


wow can i get on some of this action i post and never get a answer so can i get on some of that marvel action… can some one hit me up 310-760-1578 lavell


So far as i understand we’ll be at ffa! Since im riding up there with him you might want to ask him what time hes planning to be there tomorrow (Tues.) through the ffa era of finesse thread! I don’t think ive ever seen you before are you new to the game?


Didn’t get a chance to drive out to ffa for the action, but I’m looking forward to being there for sure Friday if DEMON HYO posts he will be there for some mm’s.


well, you have yet to call me… there are things such as payphones ya know… also you could just borrow some randoms phone or go to a neighbor… (ive done it MANY times in the past)

but yeah it would be cool to play someone that has good fundamentals that still doesnt know there character when starting, to practice against.

get that phone up dude :tup:

what up lavell? i met you way back in the day when you used to play ralph… i was his black friend that watched with extremely mild interest… lol…

but you should get up on that sf4 tip… everyones doing it… YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!


josh still plays iirc but i think that hes really focused on sf4 now… you should hit him up if yu really want to play.

pm him and he will probably respond.



Yo wassup man, you finally found me lol.

XBlade’s Fei Long is the best I’ve seen so far.


My phone will be up… eventually!


yea whats up

Ha the best way to reach me is through my cell sometimes i have so many jobs now and through xbox 360 screen name mvc2reset2009 yea but am down to travel someone house and play to but my other cell number because i have 2 is 310-227-0172


anything happening this weekend?


so who wants to start hitting up AI and v94 with me???

i got tired of going there by myself months ago… it would be cool to be able to roll out wit some local cats so we can talk strats/ help each other out while taking the beatdown from the local arcade champs… unfortunately most peeps out here are somewhat fickle on showing up at folks houses for casuals… sf4 requires COMMITMENT yall… WHO BE WITH ME???

also, i’m of course still up for having a few folks over at my place.



I’m down for AI on the weekends, was pretty busy last week but its time to step it up.

tomorrow im going to the denjin SFIV tourney but its 2v2 who wants to partner up? :smiley: meaby we can catch some games at AL’s before going there? I’ll call you, i get out of class at 12, should be home before 1pm.


You know I’m down to go, although in either case it’s probably quicker for me to meet you there. Just lemme know what’s good ahead of time.


i’m down to go tomorrow… or today to ai or v94, theres no way i’m going all the way out to denjin without getting a ride with someone… too freaking far… especially for some non major tourny.



I’m down, and I got my phone back, so I SWEAR I will call you.


New thread, per Shaun’s original request:


am down just hit me up and i will roll


Great games fellas… im definetly lettin ken go… :lame:


Thanks for the memories guys hope life is treating you well…