Team Torrance: We back!?

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I know this isn’t kent from El Camino. What up man this is Aaron. The only Blackheart user worth remember that goes there. How you gonna have a TEAM TORRANCE without having BH represented?

blackheart is pretty sorry bro.

are you the guy that use blackheart/cable/another?

i want a fucking rematch. the sticks are so wack.

haha aaron thats right u f#@#in suck on thanksgiving ill be over ure house and you’ll be there getting your ass tapped haha.hey we should go to the comic book shop near el camino college???go whoop some ass over there. ill go and represent all ya’ll MSP peeps. haha any of you wanna come just ask blackeheartking for the directions aiight peace

when? make it after 3:00pm weekdays

Really? You must not have played a good BH user. I think I might serve you up if you played me. Who do you use anyway?

The only time the lil homie chubroq will be able to go there is that Thursday or Friday of Thanksgiving cuz he lives in Glendale and does homeschool. I’ll try to get him up there but that’s only if the MTA peeps are done with their dumb ass strike. I am that BH/cable/xxx user by the way. I’m learning Bh/sent/commando now though. Who are you and who do you use? Don’t trip on me winning cuz those controls are crap. You’d probably beat me on some decent controllers. When are they going to fix those things anyway?

aaron stop wasting your time at these other arcade and test your skills at ffa

i use a variety of teams. they finally fixed the sticks, but they aren’t that great still. FFA is the spot like DC_static says.

i played a good blackheart user alex valle, though that one time he got mad cuz i celebrated this was way back at shgl. i dunno i haven’t played in awhile and a team with blackheart would sure own me!:eek:

yeah, alex valle is pretty good with blackheart.

to be honest I think Alex Valle’s sentinel was his best weapon. Play MY BH sometime. We’ll see how ya do. I’ve been pretty busy lately too so don’t worry about how you’ll face up. Who do you use anyway?

any type of team you can come up with!:cool:

so you can probably play with magneto,sentinel,and cable can you?

decently ya… but i just like playing around with any team.

that’s good :slight_smile:


wattup ey i finally got a job now! hahah would be tyte too practice at ur pad one of these days. rofl blackheart is hella nub but there’s ways to kill that foo…

what the hell

whats up everbody the navy life is great i just finshed boot camp so im offical in the navy… My skill are still there i will be home for chirsmas… for shopping… Well just saying hello to everybody and kent i will be seeing you for your money have not forgot you man…