Team Tournament Captains Announced!

Here are the captains for each team. Reminder: teams with a * by their name will receive a bye in the first round.

We’ve tried to choose captains that will help bring out the diversity in the community rather than simply picking the best players in their area.

If any captain fails to show up to EVO or for any other reason wants to relinquish their role as captain, SRK will appoint a new captain to take their place. Without futher ado, the list:

Marvel vs Capcom 2
East Coast - Team A (Justin Wong*)
East Coast - Team B (Brandon Deshields - Demon Hyo)
South Atlantic (Mike Mixon - Mixup)
NorthCali (Ricky Ortiz)
SouthCali - Team A (*SooYoung Chon- SooMighty)
SouthCali - Team B (Peter Rosas - ComboFiend)
Northwest (*Rodolfo Castro - Rowtron)
Southwest (Daniel Realyvasquez - ruiN-)
Midwest (*Marc Ansay - MadBooFace)
Japan (Chikyuu)
SRK (Joey Cuellar - MrWizard)
SRK 2.0 (TBD)
Wild Card (Vegita X, JoeZaza, MikeZ)

Capcom vs SNK 2
East Coast - Team A (*Justin Wong)
East Coast - Team B (Josh Wong)
South Atlantic - (Alex Navarro -Miami Al-x)
Canada - (Alex Duong - R1Beatdown)
NorthCali - Team A (*John Choi - ChoiBoy)
NorthCali - Team B (Eric Lee - Kid Lee aka Leezy)
SouthCali (*Alex Valle - CaliPower)
Southwest (Ashley Hernandez - sonic boom)
Northwest (John Michael - lifetimeboy)
Japan (*Ino)
SRK (Ben Cureton - tragic)
Wild Card (Dr. B, Julien Robinson, Chikyuu Sodom)

We’ll be announcing the members of the Wild Card teams in the days to come.

Team Tournament preliminaries will take place on Saturday. Team Captains must arrive with their other 2 team members at that time.

That’s a nice lineup. A lot of diversity in the lot. The team tournament segment of Evolution will be one NOT to miss. Cannot wait till that day.

CVS2 SRK = hot

Now just say its 30 bucks per team to enter and you got yourself a tournament.

*Larry Flynt *

It’s an honor to be picked captain. Lotta beastly teams there.

If you want a spot on the team, I accept paypal preferably. :smiley:


Besides that, So Cali lineup is crazy.

CvS2 Line up is funny :lol:

This was unexpected :wtf:

umm D= who is that? thats kinda like my last name lol ;p but i didnt see “ruiN-” So just checking to make sure ;D

Yeah, that’s you. Sorry for the misspelling.

thats my fault, i told them the wrong name. i shoulda just said you last name is chobizzle bazzle rizzle razzle

team captains look good. this is gonna be a dope tourney. good shit.

Re: Re: Team Tournament Captains Announced!

Oh shit crazy aight its actully

daniel realyvasquez

thx ponder ;D

ski : hahah agreed. =)

Wow, they actually made me captin.:cool:

Josh Wong is a cvs2 team captin, awsome.:cool:

Question, do I have to pick my team now?

i think randy lew, the chunksta , and chris s … should have a 3 way match to see who gets the other 2 spots…thats what is going on for the LAST spot in team so cal between me and my friend chris… why should they have a 3 way match? cuz the chunksta beat ricky in recent svgl tourneys, randew lew cuz he was on team WC last year, chris S … cuz he beat randy lew in recent davis tourneys… but if ricky already has a team in mind then nevermind :stuck_out_tongue:

what area is new orleans considered? because technically on srk I think they’re midwest and not atl. south.

Can new orleans be allowed to play on the midwest team, because atl. south already has a ton of players whereas midwest only has a few people from chicago and it would be unbalanced.

edit: I’m only referring to marvel.

So far, my team is Me, and Isaac Graham aka (Tryanidman).

I still have to find a 3rd person.

Sanford Fucking Kelly or Rick Fucking Mears:D

alot of fucking going on! :smiley:

Wow, ruiN- is considered SWR? That fucking rules :smiley:

Sanford is on Justin’s team already. Rick might not go, so my team is going be:

Me, Isaac Graham, and Josh Wigfall.:evil: :cool: It’s official