Team Tournament @ Lovegetty Station - Toronto, Ontario - 04/12/2008

Saturday April 12th, 2008

Lovegety Station
505 Highway #7 East
Richmond Hill
Commerce Gate

Official Tournaments:
Street Fighter 3s
Accent Core

Pot Split:
1st place, 80
2nd place 20

Format: 3s
2 vs 2 - $10 per team
Double Elimination
Every Team gets a turn
Semis - Best 2/3
Finals - Best 3/5

Accent Core
2 vs 2 - $10 per team
Double Elimination
Every Team gets a turn
Semis - Best 2/3
Finals - Best 3/5

Expect Matches to Recorder for 3s. If there are enough heads to run cvs2 or mvc2 please feel free to set one up.

You should fix your dates…

You should bring da Hype

:rolleyes: Looks like someone’s first thread got deleted. :rolleyes:

:tup: Good luck with the tournament. :tup:

i’d bring da hype but i think ima have to leave it at home. this is the weekend before major assignments are due and exams. maybe x-sap is right about changin the date…

I would love no more than for you guys to show, but this was mainly set up for the 3s crew, and most of them said this date was best for them, battle for bus fair is next month anyways, but ill ask around again please tellme what day would be suit you guys, but as it stands this day is set but if the rest or the 3s players dont mind id be more willing to change

Probably best to keep it convenient just for the 3S crew. Since most of the AC guys are students and have exams all around that day, I doubt even 8 people would show, let alone 16. At least speaking for myself, I actually do plan on studying that saturday for my monday exam, some of these 3rd year classes are pretty tough. I don’t plan on attending if it’s anywhere between now and the 17th.

Why don’t we just fuse the tournaments? We have 3 3rd Strike cabinets to work with. We can have a Team Tourney on one cab exclusively while hodling the singles tournament on the other two. If the GG crew want to have a Team Tourney before or after the singles tourney (time permitting) then I don’t see the problem. There’s no reason to splinter the amount of potential players when we have the means to gather everyone for both types of tournament.

BAH!!! :mad: So much for team Testament.

Raph, I say we bring in team Axl :wgrin:

Are u talking about having two types of tournaments at battle for bus fair ?

I believe hes talking about adding 2v2 tournaments to bus fare battle. Not a bad idea, i would say after the singles because everybody basically doesnt leave lg till like 12/1am anyways lmfao


Sounds like a plan! :tup:

This might not be worth considering depending on the scope of the team tourney, but 2 of the 3S cabs are version B with no unblockables. If singles and teams take place at the same time, one tournament will have its Urien and Oro players at a disadvantage.

How many people is this actually affecting? Louie and… Louie?

I mean this debate has been done to death. It’s actually a big reason I didn’t bother to run Lovegetty a year ago. But when you consider how many people actually use Urien/Oro and rely on that one particular aspect of the game as opposed to the myriad of other offensive options available to them, I don’t see it being a issue worth adjusting for.

I understand. This probably isn’t the right thread for me to respond to those points anyway, but I hope the singles tourney gets the end cab if it’s the main attraction.

Louie and patrick told me they were goin, this is more than good reason just to do it seperately. We can still do teams after for AC at BFBF.

Alright bud, have it your way.

is this tournament actually gonna happen cuz im down if it is for 3s

Its still goin down, so ur more than welcome and bring a team mate if you can get one.