Team Tournament @ Lovegetty Station - Toronto, Ontario - 04/12/2008

yea dude forsuer cant wait, a couple of questions tho…what time does it start…and if my teammate cant make it will i be asigned one or do i need to bring another one? lol

Probably wont’ make it for AC, gotta study ><

3s is still on plz make it if you can

just saying cant make this tourney
exams and such

gluck to peoples

as i was told this tournament starts at 3 pm this sat…bring your A game!!!

Damn the sexiness that is the infamous shaved head wont be attending, tournament moral takes a big hit

Tournament changed to next week, at least more heads can make it

this thread is so dead it sickens me lol

and it clearly shows that no LG 3s players come on srk… or at least post

I wonder what gave that away lol

i won’t be there, i got exams

still wont’ be there, got exams

This has been fused with Battle For Bus Fare.

Close Thread.