team tourney


Hey all, I try to organize a tourney for someday in the future.
This will be team tourney : 8 teams. Rules are : first guy plays the other first guy, and then plays the other one. This means a single teamate can strike the whole team by himself.
Rules :
-Akuma banned
-A single character by player.
-ft2 winners brackets, ft2 losers brackets : so to win JUST a member of a team, you have to beat him twice. Same thing goes then for the following teamate.
-ft3 final.
-no high ping allowed (not above 200 ms).

I’ll edit this post to incorporate new folks. Please tell your ggpo nick and your character by player. You will follow the order of the teamates as it’s written here. Come on !

1/ paskis: n.Sagat
wolmar: Dhaslim
2/ Aerorockman : dictator
Er comander : Blanka