Team Tucson CvS2 results

TTT4 results cvs2

For the people who didnt make it heres what happend



It was a close match and Sean made a come back oh and I taped the tourny for those who didnt make it.

I wont be having a tourny again for a while I think Mike would have won if he played more, but what the hell do I know I dont even play the game that much, playing way to much diablo 2.

I heard you guys in Phoinx quit playing, just because of RC dumb we know about RC and we dont care. You guys act like your such much better then us and then you just give up. Fine some of us here will learn how to RC and hopefuly become better then you quiters.

Yeah, you guys don’t care about RC 'cuz you don’t compete at high level. Plus, Evo showed how RC kinda ruins the game. However, I never played CvS2 to begin with.
Noone in Phoenix says, "Oh my god, we’re better than Tucson. In fact, some top AZ players came from Tucson. It’s just that I have no idea who you are, and have no idea of you’re any good. And I’m sure that’s the way a majority of us Phoenix/Metro/DS players feel. PFH-Lake who?
Call us quitters all you want. 10 to 1 you can’t beat 3 good AZ players. Come to the AZ thread in Chat and Matchmaking and say what’s up.


lol quitters? a lot of us hated the game before japanese showed how truly broken rc is. the people that are quitting the game are the ones that never liked the game to begin with. and even without RC, the game is still fucking trash.

maybe you should stop talking trash, you havent even played us. we havent been trash talking you. dont talk your wack shit talk til you beat us

Really when Roberth came down here he acted like everyone sucks, give me a break one of are guys went to Evo and tryed saying hi you guys were just like eh… so dont give me that shit. We dont care if we suck that’s not the point of playing fighting games, the point is that we play for fun. Alot of us are to poor to go to Cal thats why were stuck here. Please if we had are way we would move to Cal. I dont care if no one knows who I am i just think its funny that you guys are quiting cvs2 when were still playing it

That tourney was pretty cool, but there weren’t enough people so it just felt like casual and shit.

I don’t think Phoenix was into that game much in the first place, and what does it matter that they quit because of RC, that’s their choice.

Mike does play more than me, it’s just that I take it more seriously then he does, I think. He takes MvC2 seriously. I would have won harder if I landed my A combos, oh well. And R4 Rolento, what was I smoking when I did that? And I still won!

Did Mike sign up on here? I heard him saying something like “what should I get for my avatar?”

ooooook… this getting retarded now…k thanx…

ummm bring your rolento on, i dont play that game anymore but your rolento will get owned:D

im outi


shut up, my randomism rolento will ownz all of ya asses!!!

k thanx

Its good to see more Tucson players.

Ya you play good people though you would own them

I am everyone and no one


Psshh, fuck that. Me and Mike will ownz u 4 free!!1! Me and Mike ownz Phx 4 free!!1! I’ll roll cancel all over your ass.

(I wish)

CvS2 is ok but Capcom is coming out with two new fighters and people might forget about CVS2 and MVC2

What’s funny about this is that One Handed Joe would whoop all of the Tucson players’ asses, and he has not touched the game in ages!

Uhmmm… No, you see, when Neil came down here one time to deliver a pair of sticks to PFH he brought Joe with him, then PFH beat them both, so no, no he couldn’t.

The reason I beat both Neil and Joe is that Joe doesnt play anymore, and Neil isnt that good to begin with.

Indeed this is fucking retarded.

So you beat Neil and Joe. What, was that like 2 out of 20 games? Stoooooooopid.

Umm… I never heard of some Tucson guy trying to say hi to us at Evo.

In fact, I’ll put money that Neil and Joe will beat this guy first to 20, wtf, I’ll beat the guy myself 20-0, and I don’t even play the game, now what’s up?

This is what really happend if you dont belive me then ask Joe your self

I only played him like 2 times and He beat me once and I beat him once and Neil couldnt even beat me once. So if you still dont belive me ask Joe.

pleaaaaazzze just belive him… hes great…i dont think joe and neil still play that retarded game anyways… but oh well, just belive what he said pleaazzee… tucson is great… k thanx