Team Tucson CvS2 results

My Fucking god who cares who beats who… all Im saying is just play the damn game… Freaking
Stuuuupid… I suck at CvS2 but I just play it for fun when I get bored with MvC2…Hey PFH Lake I still own YOU! hehehehe


Well, This thread is getting super gay, almost as gay as that son of richard simmons romanian boy. Who cares who plays who and who does who, christ, ill own all of you with my random ass style. Not only will i build my bar while you watch but ill kick you in the face at the same time.

k thanx

Dumb Tonny You dont what your talking about MVC2 will die then what will you play? Cant play MVC2 forever and if its not on line for PS-2 then F-it. I might get into Capcom fighting all stars if its fun, CvS2 is a fun game but everyone thinks that no one can beat Sagat and Blanka. Thats why people dont play.

nah, no one CAN’T beat the japanese’s roll cancelling thats why no one wants to play that game no more…unless your genious like those japanese playes and do roll cancelling all day…

mvc2 is a cool game to play, at least i like it… capcom all stars almost comin out, but i still think peoples still gonna play mvc2 no matter what… it all depends…

but from now, i wanna know whens the next tourney in tucson… cuz i want to meet all of you guys…especially the asian dude, since im also asian so that should be hell tight!!!

k thanx…

K thanks

yah im going to have a tourny for my brithday to since theres nothing else to do, Might even play DS3 and Rival schools. IF you want to know Tonny and Sean my brithday is Jan 11th. I’ll have a tourny before then also

Pfh Lake for real yo you havent played someone the fuckin RC all day… From just watching the vids of CvS2 at Evol that shit was getting annoying…but yeah if you play someone that RC all his shit then I would bet that you will proably play that game less… im not saying that i quit playing it but the RC is shit is fucking gaayyyyyyyy… I bet Ryan and Sean is proably practicing that shit anyways… And MVC2 is goona get old… ok Uh look at supet turbo how long has that game been played now…Oh yeah are going to have a PRoject justice tourney LOL…

Aight THen


p.s. yo matt i didnt know you were asian… what nationality are you?.. me…viet 2 da fullest

me, thai…

I don’t know why but this made me laugh really hard.

Yeah, I think MvC2 is the next ST. When I was playing against Roberth I wasn’t doing as bad as I thought I would so that made me happy.

The only time I play CvS2 is at Josh’s or at Game Crazy when Jorge is working there but we mostly play ST. lol, I just rememberd when I went there I was just fucking around with Hibiki and doing that gay c.LP bullshit that Mike cheats withs and the dude that I was playing against got all pissed off and said “she has more moves than that” :lol:

Then there was another time when I beat this dude who was acting like he was all hot shit and stuff but his stupid ass couldn’t even block low, so I just kept triping him with Eagle and AAing him with the c.HP, I was all saying shit like “you wanna jump? you wanna jump? go ahead, jump at me!”

Project Justice LMAO! Gan all day on that shit! Just zone that shit first round with Roberto and stupid way to much priority super with Gan next, STYUPID!!! :lol:

Anyways, I’m going to go punch my monitor… k thanx

Tonny I was talking about Rival schools not PJ, whats worng with ST? its better then CVS2 and MVC2

I know you were gonna have a rival schools tourney the PJ was a joke ya know hehe haha… but are you playin those on your PS2 or what? Nothin wrong with ST you said that MvC2 will die out but I gave you an idea that some games just dont die out…



tee hee…

PJ is just as bad as Tekken 4 both like to suck a big peepee

Well MVC2 may not be dead for tony and some people, but for me it is. Just super turbo from now on, I’m over my MVC2 phase. Besides I sucked a big fat one on that game.

k thanx

Good, now me and Jorgie can school you on that game.



JOrge gonna play MvC2 hehehehe good luck! Hey Sean how often do you play MvC2…



Oh yeah one more thing Ryan where did you get that av?..



Jorge doesn’t play marvel, I was talking about ST. I don’t play MvC2 enough. The only time I really play it is when I go to my dad’s house, so like… every other weekend. I really wish I could play that game more often, it’s so fun.

Why no more complaining about the sticks? Are we going to be using different ones? The Arcade X ones are okay, but they are too close for comfort.

I need to get my CVASS2 back, I can’t practice without it. Hey sean can you get your fried to make a burned copy of 3rd Strike for me? I might just have to play MVC1 until I get my CVASS2 back from tony. Also sean do you know if you could get me a copy of Super Turbo.

The only fighters Im going to play is Dark stalkers 3 and Sf2X unless all stars is good I might play that