Team Vega rises from the ashes of Street Fighter 4, seeking bloody retribution in Street Fighter 5



So, every Vega monster in SF4 should be an even scarier monster in SF5, right? Here’s hoping! I would like to see more Vega players making top 8.

Speaking of Team Vega, I was thinking about those Team Vega shirts. As a Vega main and an artist out of practice, I would like to try working on a new design once I finish my relocation to my new home at the start of march. This would be a nice opportunity to work together with the original person who got the shirts together and help in getting me back into practice.

What would people want to see from this? Who was the original that did this?


wha…wha da fuck? Just…wha?




I would wait for the character subforums to go up before trying to start this back up. Don’t need to clog the SFV board with 2 characters threads for the same character.


^ This. Your time will soon come :slight_smile:

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Yo! I’d like to see if people who main vega, would like to create a community where we can foster inspiration for better combos, and increase our chances at becoming better players in general.


Why was this merged with this thread and not the other one? Here I thought I had responses.


I’d LOVE to know what a Claw version of this looks like…


Something like that would be cool, I was thinking maybe having the clawed hand go over his heart like a pledge of allegiance to The Claow with the blades maybe going up and over the shoulder.

On the back, perhaps a symbol like Akuma’s Ten, but utilizing the snake tattoo design overlaid with the mark on the mask.


I think something simple with numbers on the back with our names would be cool. I’m thinking of something kind of professional looking with a Team Vega logo on one side of the chest and sleeves.


Come on, we’re Team Vega. We’re all about being the peacocks of the FGC. Shit, if I can find a way, I’d get these silk screened on frilly shirts like SF5 Vega wears.


Vega and Cammy are the two characters I’m most focused on looking at as a main. I’d definitely like to be part of this, if I end up going Vega or not. Groups of players coming together is always great for leveling up.


Lol, that’s what I’m talking about… Claw know’s nothing about “simple”!


I was the one that did the Team Vega shirt designs and organized the printing and all that.
ShadaGear was the one that made them but since then he’s gotten pretty popular and the prices are much higher than what the original TV shirts were for.
The logo was basically a Rose slashed by Vega’s claw. Simple and neat. Other ideas involved his Mask and/or the mark that’s on it but were later scratched.

Just as a side note, the whole shirt printing thing sucked when I did those. I lost like 300 bucks in the process coz hella people punked out after ordering shirts and I had them printed and done, so I ended up with like 10~15 shirts that were never picked up and can’t do anything with them.
Plus the whole “who should be able to get the shirts” created a stupid circlejerk with people not wanting anyone aside from the Team Vega OGs to get shirts, and there was a retarded amount of drama goin on with prices, people that missed out eventhough it was mentioned in multiple places and multiple times etc etc


Ah… My guiding moonlight. You were by my side all along.


Damn, that sucks a lot, you took the effor of organising and printing all of those and people ducked out of it. I remember reading about this when I was visiting the Vega forums very sparingly, and although I had some interest, I wasn’t a regular and I live far enough to not consider asking for one. I’d probably sign in this time and eat the shipment costs as long as I liked the design (the previous one was awesome, btw), but I understand you won’t want to go through this experience again.


That’s exactly what I wanted. I would buy one for sure if you were to do them again. Just send me a paypal invoice and I’ll pay for sure, I have no problems if you decide to take payment in advance based on your experience.

Also it sounds super dramatic and immature if people didn’t wanted other team members later on.


I second this. Advanced pay is only fair and I would love one of these.


I was thinking we could utilize his hp double slash motion viewed from the front. The two slashes would make a V if we had him slashing through a wall. Being an artist as well I can come up with some preliminaries to show what I’m talking about.

I find it.funny that a lot of artists tend to gravitate towards vega. I think he appeals to our internally chaotic right side of the brain.


And then you have physicists like me… hehe.


Lol it could always be a case of correlation does not equal causation. I do know that I live vicariously through Vega though.