Team Vega Shirts: Pick-ups (ARRIVED!)



Note: this is not for ordering, we’ve already done that in the last couple of weeks and this thread is to organize the Shirt shipping and show the progress.

Currently all the shirts are already made and here ready for pick-ups, if you’ve ordered one you shouldve gotten a PM telling you your shirt is ready and finish up the payment details.

Current Roster:

00 Rukus: 1 shirt, XL

2 Vegaman: 1 shirt, XXL

3 Nammy (Jamorck): 1 shirt, female M

7 Nobleman: 1 shirt, L slim fit

7 ViciousShogun: 1 shirt, XL
[Pic coming soon]

9 Jega (Jamorck): 1 Shirt, S slim fit

16 DirtyBanana: 2 shirts, M

19 Francys Pai: 2 Shirts, female S slim fit

34 G.Synthesis: 1 shirt, 3XL
[Pic coming soon]

50 Rugalitarian: 1 shirt, S

54 Azure Demon: 1 shirt, XL

66 RedBlazeKai: 2 shirts, M (1 of them slim fit)

69 HyperBomb69: 1 shirt, L slim fit

76 CubanAce: 1 shirt, XL

80 SqueezelBum: 1 shirt, XXL

96 StopBeingCHEEP: 1 shirt, XL
[pic coming soon]

To the People that are interested:
currently there’s no plans of getting a second wave, seeing as 1) I’m really short on cash lol, and 2) I’d like to give the first patch a bit of exclusivity for a while.
However, i’ll keep a list of people interested here so that if we do decide to do a second wave or a new product you’ll be notified.
Chances are if i get the same amount of people interested in a second wave as the first wave I’ll go for it.

Current Second Wave Waiting List:

Already team members (would get priority if applicable):

non-team members (not yet at least =p):


Eh? I don’t recall ordering two x_x (Unless one if the un-numbered one?)

Regardless these look awesome.


Would everyone agree that mine looks the best?


Those look AWESOME


If I knew there were going to be shirts I would have tried to join :frowning:


Looks awesome…Thanks again for setting this up EB


they come with the display table they are on right?


Can’t wait =D


Woooooo can’t wait these look incredible!


Haha now I wish I had gotten one of these. The downfall of having no money! D:


it’s never too late to order… i can spot ya if you pay me back


ooooooooohhh!!! these are nicer than I thought! hit me up on facebook for payment details Blaze!


These shirts are super super sexy!!! Hit me up on Facebook for payment and shipping details my man!!!
I just bought a New pair of shoes and a new hat to go with the Fit to, I’mma be ballin son


wait what?

he was sellin shoes and hats too?


Nope but Champs was:)




I got some red, black, and white Forces, and the red is kind of a crimson red. They are so beautiful.


those are awesome, if you’re going to take more orders later on, i’d like to buy a couple


I never got a pm from blaze =(


i didnt PM anyone <__< the shirts arent here yet lol