Team Vega SRK

Tuesday September 28,2010
Team Vega SRK

Welcome to the official Team Vega thread on SRK!

How to Join Team Vega
1.Must Main Vega.(Or if you play multiple characters he has to be one of your mains)
2.Must be willing to become a great Vega player.
3.Must be somewhat decent and not a complete beginner.
4.Must have an account on SRK.

Team Vega Goals

  1. To become as big as we can possibly get.
  2. To improve as a Vega player and as a Street Fighter player in general.
  3. To represent the Mask and Claw with honor.

Team Vega Tryouts
Tryouts will consist of you (the tryoutee?) showing your skills against some of the team members. You do not need to be a Godlike Vega to join, you only need to have sufficient knowledge of what you are doing, and be willing to get better. Or get members of Team Vega to vouch for you.

Current Team Vega Members:PSN
Team Leader-*Donlongdong666- -PSN:Hyperbomb69 Hyperbomb69’s Youtube
Ken B- -PSN:i_Like_dyke
MILF- -PSN:Whatishesmokin
Kamisxy- -PSN: Kamisxy
Vanhyuk- -PSN:Vanhyuk
*Vegaman- -PSN:Vegaman_
Dirtybanana- -PSN:Dirtybanana2
Tatsujinken- -PSN:Tatsujinken
*Eternal Blaze- -BeyondTheFlames Blaze’s youtube
Vike3- -PSN:Vike3
*HecticNy96- -StopBeingCheep
*Rugalitarian- -PSN:Rugalitarian
*Mask-Terr0r- -PSN:spook-as-carnage
*SodaPOP- -PSN:SodaPOProcks
*Chr1stl1ke- -PSN:MaskedNobleman
*Francys Pai- -PSN:FrancysPaiSRK
*Shadow050- -PSN:Shadow050
*Squeezelbum- -PSN:Squeezelbum
ShinyMaster- -PSN:Evilryu8 ShinyMaster’s Youtube
Pastabilities- -PSN:Pastabilities
Rukus- -PSN:ggrukus
kid_cudi- -PSN:Kid_Cudi
shinphoenix- -PSN:shinphoenix
RedBlazeKai- -PSN:RedBlazeKai
qbanace- -PSN:Cuban_Ace
Tiger_Claw- -PSN:kindacool107
G.Synthesis- -PSN:Gsynth
Azure_Demon- -PSN:Crimson_King15

Im happy to announce that we now have an Xbox branch of Team Vega for those of you that are exclusively on the 360 and wish to join. I can only overlook the 360 side but I am not in charge. If you want to try out for Team Vega Xbox contact “x Knuckles x” the same rules still apply for Team Vega Xbox.

Team Vega XBL
Xbox live Team Leader: x knuckles x
Da Assassin Jay
Killa Boo
German Luger
Deity exe
iDreamzzz oF 3

If you are interested in joining the Xbox live branch of Team Vega please talk to x knuckles x, he will try you out and decide if you make it in or not.

If you are interested in joining please make an account here on SRK and post in this thread.
This thread will be only for recruiting,news and events.
anyone with a * by their name is able to recruit and try out anybody that is interested.
For our social thread visit our old Team Vega thread.™-220046/

Team Vega News

Myself,Rugalitarian and Mask-Terr0r are going to be doing a team ranked battles on eventhubs.
Thanks to Maskednobleman for providing some sparring buddies for us, an A ranked Elf and the number 3 Rufus on Xbox live. They are very good players and I thank you a thousand times.

We need people to join the Xbox branch of this team, I think for us to be a better bigger team we need to include the Xbox live players, I know that there are very good players here, and we cant have a team with no people in it lol.
If you are interested in joining PM me or post in this thread.

Im on the Xbox but I only have Vanilla at the moment.
Can I still join?

Since you only have Vanilla, I suggest you get SSF4 first, since you’re probably the only one in this forum that still plays Vanilla.

Francys should be on the list.


Guess I’ll have to wait for Christmas.

Team Vega News

A new addition has been added to Team Vega PSN!
Francys Pai has been approved by the members of Team Vega to join this team!:tup:

She is also a girl! So dont hit on her you silly boys!

Did you talk to Kami before deciding to add a XBL branch to the squad?

nope but I dont see why he would have a problem with it.

Me either if it’s done properly. Who’s handeling the XBL Vegaz?

=) Thanks you guys <3

and :rofl: Don you! Anyone who hits on me gets crushed under my boot anyway!

Team Vega News

A leader for the new XBL branch of the Team is needed, preferably someone that is currently on the Team that has an Xbox. Otherwise If you are interested in running the XBL branch PM me.


i have a team vega sqad going with about 6 or 7 people. what are you guys tryin to get going? like live stream and stuff or what?

Refer to the Team Vega social thread first post. Or read the “Goals” on this thread.

Yeah Knucks is pretty much the general on XBL

Well Kamisxy made Team Vega for PSN only, so all of the XBL people coudlnt join, I want to make a huge team of Vegas which is why I added the Xbox branch. I’ll send you a PM with more details.

das a bet. hit me witht he details homie

I’d like in on this… when i found out about team vega recruiting had already been closed before.

PSN user name is Shadow050, just like on here.

I am on XBL and it would be my honor to represent Team Vega. XBL = Fauxx82

shadow050- I recommend you go on our other thread and looks for some of our members there to spar with, afterwords they will let me know if you can join or not.

Faux- I still need a leader for the Xbox branch of the team. I cant try you out because I dont have and xbox…
just wait a bit until we get the xbox branch running then you can try out with them…