Team Vega T-shirts Round 2

Redoing the Team Vega T-Shirts. First phase is to determine what people want on their shirts. I’ll leave the poll open until it looks like we have a direction to go then I’ll commission an artist to do up a good logo.

Sooooooo vote away

Honestly, just things like the mask and claw. A lot of different renditions of Vega get different votes on terms of how he looks. I think just his signature gear is sufficient.

Well if portrait or pose wins then I was gonna do up another poll to find out what style they want (anime, manga, realistic, cartoony, mosaic, etc)

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Well, I really like the idea of a black shirt and this in red.

Or theart stick of this arcade on the front.
Just the slash, blood and that grey shadow of Vega. But I am not entilery sure that blood will look okay on a T-Shirt.

I think Vega doing a wall dive would look cool.

keep in mind that you cant just put pics of the character as Vega is -obviously- copyrighted. Idk how Eternal Rival does it without getting sued but most shirt printers wont print stuff that has copyrighted material.

Plus stuff thats custom-made stuff are better anyway, makes the shirt unique/special. I made the Logo on the Round 1 shirts… I can try to adjust it or make a new one for the second round if people are interested.

You can’t take direct images from the game our use anyone elses work without permission. That does not mean that the idea of Vega is copyrighted. That’s why people can do drawings paintings and other stuff legally. I cannot take a still of the movie, a screenshot from the game or copy someone elses picture and put it on the shirt. But since ideas cannot be copyrighted (only works), I can make my own image of Vega and it’s perfectly legal and on top of that I own the copyright to the image. However I am a shitty artist so I am hiring someone else to do the work (that will be copyrighted) and then getting their permission to place the picture on the shirts. I have quite a few artist friends so this is easy.

Copyright law actually is pretty fair IMO.

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This, basically. If the claw/mask are drawn/designed by someone like yourself it can avoid a lot of unnecessary capcop bombing of “omfg copyright infringement.”

Using someone elses actual artwork of Vega can get you into A LOT of shit.
The use of fanart and the like is a very gray area. Just be aware that you won’t be allowed to sell them through SRK if you use a copyrighted image.

So, for me, Mask and Claw it is.

only 6 people interested?

there’s a list of people that are/were interested in the old threads’ first post…

Mask and Claw would be nice! But we should get some samples together and then get a poll going as to which one looks best. But I did love those Team Vega Shirts. :frowning:

I am definitely interested and I have the money you can take. :smiley:

Note: An ST version of Vega referenced shirt would be something I personally would love. Nothing everyone has to like though. Just throwing that out since this is not an ST sub forum. XD

well considering that making one picture is a lotta work, having multiple pictures would be a pain. That’s why i’m trying to get as much info as possible before having all that work done. I’d rather make one bad ass pic than 4 meh so-so pics

I will definitely buy a shirt this time around.

ok if we can get up to 20 votes i’ll get the shirts rollin. We’re at 10

Vegaman, can you please post all the 10 people that you are counting? So we can help you with the counting and also add more people to the list.

well the poll shows 13 votes… no names though. So if you voted then you count lol

Eeer… I wouldn’t take the votes as a parameter. It seems to me that people without real interest may vote just for the sake of it.

I’m in. Rose, mask , claw, blood. Those, I think.

I agree…keep it narcissistic…