Team Vega T-shirts Round 2

OK. 19 votes. So… may I take 2 shirts so we can get this going? :smiley:

lol ok sure.Team Vega T-shirts Round 2

Next question… so I know how much to budget with, how much are you guys willing to pay for a T-Shirt? Just the shirt. Not including shipping.

I’m guessing around $20 to $25. $30 would be best tho.

Yeah. $30 is fine.
I want a shirt that is good looking (well… look at our character…) AND it will last for a lot of time (good quality).
So I would rather spend more 5 bucks and have something good for once :slight_smile:

I’ll take 30 dollars…which includes shipping. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m fine with that price range though. lol

30 dollars is fine by me.

Also I want the name on the back! :slight_smile: And I need it in girl size. If I gotta pay more I’ll pay more

30 is fine. Most sites I’ve seen charge more than that for custom shirts.

I’d buy a shirt. I’m wearing a Vega shirt right now, actually. I don’t play on PS3, though.

30 without shipping is a bit on the high side. I’d still probably go for that, though.

Is this gonna happen?

If it is still happening, I’d definitely buy a shirt too. I’m very small time poster, but I do love me some Vega. $30 with shipping if cool by me also.

Dexter inspired blood spatter over parts of the white shirt with the name on the back.

Whoa, I just saw the shirts from 2011… I think the prospect of getting a shirt like that alone is enough to convince me to grind this character! Is the Team Vega thing still active? I know there’s a thread about becoming a member, but it seems outdated.

Honestly that shirt is so awesome Id like one just like that

I’m definitely interested. Personally I feel his Mask and Claw would be best, though him doing a wall dive could be just as good

Any chaces of giving that shirt as a Christmas gift?

I am very interested in purchasing a shirt as well. I am fine with the Price range as well.

1- How much would it be to ship to Brazil?
2- I need to know if my bank can convert and send in dollars to you before I say I’ll buy. But I’m interested.
3- Does deposit work for you?

+1 interested.

is this still happening? is there a preview image of the shirt?

only the finest quality of cotton shall grace my smooth body…

Yo these still being sold?