Team Weapon X - Options for Teams That Include ol' Canuckle Head

This is for team members that compliment Wolverine.

I will update when viable members are proven otherwise no.
This is in tournaments not playing against your friend Joe Bob Watanabe.

The first I am trying is: X-23 and Deadpool.

Team Member Options:

I had Wolverine and Sentinel with whatever 2nd I feel like. However, I picked X23 when I would lose the first round. It’s like 2 different wolverines on the team since they’re both fast, have fast normals, and can really mess with someone. Playing last night, there were times where I would eliminate a point and a 2nd in no time because they didn’t know where wolvie was coming from on top of dealing with sentinel.

So pretty much, rush down, call sentinel towards end of block string, repeat. Dive kicks help too. Super jump -> dive kick asap while calling sentinel force, you get the dive kick crossup and they have to figure out when/where to block. When you have X charge or savage charge, whatever his power up mode is, it gets real nutty.


Wolv/Sentinel with hyper force assist is good for lockdown/corner pressure. Doom rocks would be a good assist too I think.

Sentinel Seems like a really good member. I think X-23 Ankle Slice Assist would be good as well to create some mixup opportunities.

I tried Chun too and legs is pretty nice and its easy mode when you land it to combo into hyper.

Really wolverine has to get in and stay in, and unless he has someone throwing stuff across the screen, it’s gonna be a pain. He won’t be great in the long run of the game because if he’s push blocked and has no rocks/rockets/stuff to shield him he really has nothing. I mis-timed my assist and trish push blocked then did the tracking super. Nothin I could do about it until she came for me.

I really had way more trouble getting in on Chris, Trish, Dante. It was mad hard. It seems like Berserker Slash goes through projectiles with right timing. I saw someone do it when I walked in my friends place. I will have to check again.

Edit:Completely Theory Fighter but I wonder how Dormmamu would help him out.

Ok, so fast fireballs even with drones makes it hard. I tried getting in with Wolverine against Ryu and it was damn near impossible. He can fill the screen with them almost and my friend that plays Ryu/Akuma/Haggar kept me out and every time I got in, Haggar’s lariat assist knocked me back out. Wolverine is gonna have some problems. Need a faster assist, maybe Magneto’s hand ray thing.

Was using Wesker/Wolverine/Mag last night, and was feeling pretty good about it.

After a basic BnB -> j.S finisher -> down forward B OTG with Wolverine, you can dash forward and be in perfect position to set up an unblockable with Wesker assist and Wolverine’s j.S. In the corner, you don’t even need the dash. Really easy shit.

Random ass Berserker Slash xx Berserker Charge (hit or not) + Mag’s EM Disruptor made getting in a little easier. If Berserker Slash hits and you cancel into BC, you can combo after. If not, you can still stay on the offensive.

Also, Wolverine’s Berserker Barrage assist makes for some sick nasty Wesker OTG combos.

Assists that are good for wolverine are full screen slow projectiles and lockdown assists. Sent drones are too good, Ammy cold star, Arthur’s dagger, Doom molecular shield. Up close you can do strings like A > B + lockdown assist > C xx whatever (drill claw > dive, barrage, slash xx super). Lockdown assists would be like Doom’s molecular shield, Dante jam sesh, Chun Do dodo kick, Ammy cold star etc.

im pairiing him with arthur

The teams, I’ve been using are, wolverine doom dormamu and wolverine doom sentinel, extremely strong cross up game.

there’s a whole new world out there…explore it

I have been, these are the teams I like so far.

I’ve only been playing for roughly one day, so I plan to experiment much much more.

Just started playing with Wolvie and probably going to main now :D. I paired him up with Amaterasu’s Cold Shot move to get out of corners and can be followed by Berserker Slash to get around the opponent (possibly to start up a combo)

wolverine/chun/sent chun helps wolverine gett in

I’m thinking of playing Wolverine/Arthur/Hsien-ko. I figure Arthur’s fire bottle will help lock them down long enough for a berserker slash mixup. Could use Hsien-ko’s gong assist to help against fireball spammers or her chain assist to keep them out of the air. Also lets me use Arthur as a battery then gold armor DHC into Wolverine’s speed up hyper and go to town with gold armor fire bottles and fast wolverine.

Jeez not much info on Wolverine yet.

I think Arthur’s Dagger (2nd) assist is key. You can use it to combo off of a Berserker Slash. It may also make the move safe if guarded. Letting you got for 50/50 mix ups of normal, and crossup Slashes.

Not sure who else I am going to use. Doom for now.

i use dante with jam session and dormammu with black hole

when i do berserker slash out of fierce, using either assists ensures wolverine is safe and you can combo easily without meter into some pretty fierce stuff

i have wolverine on point, try to get some decent momentum, switch to dante until i have good meter, and then try and get wolverine in there to kill people with the dirty mixups

i have to practice more though =\

I was using Wolv/Ryu/Doom. Then doom with arthur/ammy/sent.

I don’t think i need any type of AA for wolv. He has really good AA already. So i’m just thinking of good assits that work with him. I like Ryu to be able to DHC with all of wolvs stuff. Although after last night maybe akuma is better option lol?

What about Akuma’s tatsu assist? Can it help Wolverine in some way?

Any assist that makes his instant overhead a reliable combo starter would be a great boon, and akuma’s tatsu’s probably good for that. But this could be said for a lot of assists. One with some other utility would probably be better, but I’m not about to start knocking people’s character choices.

I’ve been using Wesker’s gun assist with good results. If you time it to land after the instant overhead, you’ll make it damn near impossible to block and the hitstun from the gun is enough to allow sniktbub to combo after. That’s for when you’ve established an offensive on a standing character; if you land a knockdown and just want to be a dick about it, you can set up an unblockable really easily with the gun and Wolv’s j.S. Also, although Wolverine can OTG by himself, using the gun allows him to combo after. Course, it doesn’t do as much damage as Akuma’s tatsu, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Wolv could make up for it in his combo.