Team Whales Chapter 1 Trailer

The trailer for Team Whales Chapter 1 has been released.

There is no date as to when the actual Chapter 1 video will be released. Do not ask.

Our “chapters” are not matches. They are simply WHALE EXHIBITIONS.

there’s like 3 seconds of actually gameplay in that trailer… haha. looking forward to it tho.

what’s with stealing the intro from One Piece? hahaha

Love the use of the One Piece intro.

Hahaha, very good vid :tup:
Like the use of eurobeat in it.

Can’t wait to see your exhibition matches!


ok fine! WHALE exhibitions not exhibition matches

what the fucking holy hell is a fucking whale exhibition?

Whales = us.
Exhibition = A showcase of one’s feat
We are going to showcase our combos.

There you go, .

Go to Sea World.

lol , i can’t wait

well, it should be released tonight hopefully.