Team zaza style

anyone got some good advice and or combos for team zaza (double wolvie gambit version)

I’m not sure if I still like that team these days. You really gotta have an AA or a god like launcher which the wolvies don’t posses.

speed up wolvie+tron is fucking god like and wolive out side of speed up mode has one of the better dashes in the game so he’ll be able to get characters upon landing. Some low tiers have a problem chasing down storm if shes running away. Primarily, the 2 things you have to do to stop her is pick mando or if your point has a beastly ground dash to make up for the distancing which speed wolvie has.

of the 2 wolvies, I think metal wolvie is by the best. Speed up is just that damn good.

I would play some real cheap shit like wolvie\gambit\capcom if you didn’t want tron. Team is pretty damn good and storm can’t run away from as long as you have mando. Dhc’s are safe and fucking hurt. Not sure how I feel about speed up wolvie on this team because he’s way better with tron but I’m sure it could work. The other one could work for team purposes.

with wolvie ron combinations, you would need an AA as your mid game character. Probably something like morrigan who has safe dhc in on block and qcf+pp nukes on hit or cammy who’s not as safe but very veasatil as a character.

the main thing is i want wolvie or sabre on point with gambit secondary with projectile then preferably a x men or marvel char cyclops mabye? cyclops has a good aa but not sure of team dynamics with sabre wolvie gambit and such im sure ithe dhcs would work well though with a barrage x type then royal flush into a super beam perhaps? i would like a good opener to get the barrage x in with i can cancel barrage into barrage x without troulbe then dhc the rest but if i were to swap to sabre on point i would have to learn some new tricks but basicly i just play with 2 of my buddys who i just taught how to dhc yesterday so im not faceing msp or anything like that

It sounds like you know what kinda team your after, so have at it. Keep in mind what shoultz is saying about a decent AA bc wolvie/tooth/gambit would suffer for it. The most difficult thing for me coming up in marvel was creating a truly functional team setup-- it took me a lot of time and random, clunky squads before i learned the magic that brings it all together.

A basic team formula, and one that you will always come back to even when you figure out the game, is Some Dude A/ Dude B/ Anti-Air…

… where Dudes A and B have some good assist interaction / DHCs and can function with the AA.

Do yourself a favor and start to play Commando, Psylocke, Ken, Son-son, Cyke, Morrigan-- any of the beast AAs. You might find one that clicks for you, and that will factor into your team choice.

All that said, one of my favorite teams (Mag/Spiral/Tron if your curious-- I play it when I feel like I’m at the top of my game) breaks all of the rules and has no AA assist, so you can really do what you want once you’ve fiddled with the game enough.

thanks alot eczangeif your advice made alot of sense im sure it will help me in the long run as thats basicly what im trying to do is get a decent team together to learn with that i wont be horrified to look at i like haveing some kind of interaction besides just comboability dhcs and such i like haveing a team that looks good together so guess its all up to experimenting also if i were to use sabre cyke gambit i think the dhcs would be decent any combos you could help come up with if you got some spare time as some basic structure to the team i find myself flailing alot in pressure situations

not to mention gambit and sabre arent exactly the most documented

oh and also im haveing trouble unlocking the last 8 ? locked chars i have all the other except these i heard score mode but i did that a couple times and dident get anything … very annoying since one of the main guys i wanna use is gambit … also i dont have a instuction manual can you explain throws a bit i know sabre makes good use of them aswell as wolvie but i can rarly get on even in training mode is there a trick to it?

ps i got xbox version =P playing on 360 glitchy graphics and all hope they patch that soon =P

i dont know anything about the xbox version.

throw = hold forward HP/HK

check wiki/ gamefaqs for that kinda stuff

i dont know anything about the xbox version.

throw = hold forward HP/HK

and punctuate :tup::tup:

good advice here.

understanding the team chemistry concept isn’t easy but once you learn it, you can pretty much shit out squads and have it work fairly well. Sometimes, a random team comes together out of no where and it has amazing chemistry and you thought it up in a few seconds.

You can run dick around teams that you don’t give a shit about but if they’re designed properly, its actually that much more fun because it doesn’t suck. Some of these low tiers backed up by proper play and patience really don’t suck that bad.

hey thanks guys.I never have been one to punctuate my sentences though but for your sake ill try somewhat.

anyways thanks and damn i knew there was a trick you gotta HOLD HK/HP i just been trying to get real close and push it cuz someone told me a close enough hk/hp would grab thank you thank you im sure the throws will help.especially in my sabre and wolvie game.

thank you much appreciated

also think i failed to mention i know absolutely nothing on top of that i have no idea who i want to use i want something easy to learn but room for alot of new improvment as i only started playing this game a few days ago

i don’t think wolverine is easy to use from the start, esp since you’ll get crushed by most of the competition and you’ll be easily discouraged.

i’d try cyclops or storm to first learn the basics of air combos etc etc

wolv/gambit/cyc is pretty good

i dunno im kinda limited i dont have all the char unlocked yet i have everyone but thanos and the ? chars however the hell i get them starting to bother me i wouldent mind not playing as wolvie as long as its something rushdown oriented i heard capcom and doom are good as assists and i can do decent doom runaway game if my rusher takes a dirt nap. but basicly i want something easy to learn with and also how do you know when i can start a combo most of the time i land a hit then just end up doing a feirce and fucking up what is a good rusher and possibly some good starting points

basicly i need tips on how to put on some pressure and how to capitalize on hits that get through.Should i call assist everytime i dash in so if i land a hit the assist also lands and i have a starting point or what?

unlocked all chars earlyer today im now useing gambit IM cyke or gambit morrigan cyke

For shits and giggles I use Metal Wolverine (Anti Air)/Thanos (Capture)/ Bone Wolverine (Slide Assist).

Obviously against a top opponent it won’t work but this team is full of damaging tricks, and all the supers DHC into one another for decent damage. My personal fav thing to do is bait an enemy to throw out an assist like Psylocke and then Berserker BarragexxBerserker SuperxxThanos Sun SuperxxBerserker Combo Super (It is unblockable if it hits the assist). It is pretty easy and can annhilate assists like Akuma who have weak stamina especially if you have hurt them a bit prior. Also when Thanos is on point I like to use Bone Wolvie assist and if it catches them immediately throw out the sun super it is alot of fun especially when you mix it up on them.

Again I know this team is not practical but GOD is it fun.

Also Any Wolv/Hulk (Dash)/ and Storm (Variety) is a decent squad but does not have the All offense feel of the Thanos team. God I love that Thanos squad its so fun to just go all out on the attack for once in Marvel.

Metal Wolv/thanos/ken is pretty decent for a low tier squad… wolvie has a dozens ways to combo you into thanos bubble… plus there’s always the old call bubble, teleport slash and wind up behind them so bubble hits em in the back…

Ken is even more mean with thanos… having the ability to reset his glitched tatsumaki via thanos bubble is great… just launch, sj.lp, d,db,d+fk, call thanos bubble, land, hold fwd and grab with hk… mash the grab… they’ll wind up in thanos bubble… UGLY!!

To the guy above me… if you really like thanos hulk… do this:

thanos on point…

s.lp,s.lp, d,df,f+pp X-instant dhc-X gamma crush… this combo does 100% on anyone due to causing double crush…

Good stuff, also I have been reading a bit of your hulk strategies Titan and Hulk is MUCH better than I originally thought him to be.

I love using Hulk and Ironman to destroy low stamina annoying assists like Psylocke and Commando. I have gotten a few rage quits from it even lol.

Yea when using a hulk/IM team up… nailing an assist with gamma crush xDHCx proton cannon to pretty much erase them. Generally how I deal with MSP or BH or Doom Rocks or Sent Drones or (insert other annoying assists here.) Build meter up to 2… then bait and waste…

all of this fully off topic :badboy:

Fast pressure based assist go real well with either wolvie… beyond the obvious AA stuff. You keep a nice lock down going with 1/2 the projectile assists in the game… he’s friggen wolvie!

My ADD keeps me off topic lol Im gonna try him with a proj assist soon to see how that works.