Teams for cyke



what are good teams with cyke??


Cyc improves the odds for nearly every team you put him in. The problem is that Cyc’s beta assist is so good that most teams base their game around his assist too much and don’t actually learn him. What ends up hapenning is that the person has given themself a weakpoint. VS a Magneto player for example, if they see you have Cyc, they’ll try to snap him in or pimp him at every safe opportunity they get. Then once he dies, the whole team dies. In order to avoid this, you should have some other AA that’s good or design the team so you still have a decent shot at the match should Cyc die unexpectedly.

What I’m actually doing right now is asking you to dig deep into yourself and try to find what it is you seek out of Cyclops. Do you want him as a viable pointman or as just another Psylocke-a or Jin-b?


i want to use him as a point character


I wish to god that Viscant and Dasrik would share their experience with Cyclops on how to operate this guy. I’m a casual gamer so if you’re looking for tourney stuff you’ll need their advice.

I’m in love with Cyc-b/AA teams. If Cyclops dies, I still have an AA, and since only 2 characters are determined, my third character can be anything INCLUDING A SOLID TOP TIER. The only problem is that you’ll usually be opened to Cable somewhat. Your middle character can be Storm, Cable, or even Magneto and you should be able to manage a reasonable team.

Cyc-b, Cable-b, Capcom-b
=I’ll paraphrase Viscant from years ago here…
[Team AA. Also known as team alpha counter, this team has all kinds of alpha counter tricks. Cable for the distance counter, Commando/Cyclops for the striking counter, all leading to supers. Cyclops’ role will be to run like hell for 15 game seconds then he becomes a monster when you can’t throw projectiles at him for fear of a Cable alpha counter]
=My additional:
-The Cyclops DHC order of preference is Cyclops-b [SOB], Cable HVB, Captain Commando [Captain Storm]. When comboed into, this leads to a narrow 143 damage DHC [kill].
-Don’t base your strategy completely around alpha countering a character in. Just take it as it comes. Flood the ground with your stuff forcing air dashes, then drop Capcom and move away, dash under, etc…
-Chip damage from jump and sj back MOB is an additional toy you want to play with.

Other teams using this philosophy:
Cyc, Storm, Capcom/Jin/Guile

BH, Cyc, Capcom


hmm thanks
i’ll try cyke, cable, capcom
and i wish that dasrik see this topic
ty very much


I hope this helps you.

Another strategy somewhat similar to the above is to take Cyclops, add a ground coverage assist [hopefully that inflicts horrendous chip, hit-stun, or damage] and flood the ground preventing the person from doing anything along the ground. This forces a superjump. At this point you back up alittle and evaluate the situation. If he airdashes, you dash under him to the spot he was before he started, drop an assist in a position that will be behind or in front of him [whatever’s appropriate] and do it over and over again. Now with all the massive meter you’re building, you can litterally throw it away on block damage if desired [jump back MOB at full screen for relatively safe chip damage assuming of course you aren’t up against a Framekill engineered team or a Cable-b player…], or try to land a combo into a DHC. I preferr the DHC personally. Then Cyclops slips right into the back row relatively unharmed and adds power to the team as an assist for the remainder of the match. :evil:

One of the main keys to this working is the ability to get Cyclops outta there once his mission is accomplished. That’s a topic for another day although with things like DHCing in other characters [STORM!!! STORM!!! :lol: :evil: ], alpha counters, and using hkx2 on an opponent instead of a relaunch in an infinite so you can tag out and have it combo, I probably won’t need to elaborate.

Ground coverage assists for this strategy:
Doom-b, Sent-y, Spiral-a, Doom-a, Spiral-a, Gambit-a, basically any assist that covers the ground well.

The character should usually have a good super to DHC into so that you can finish off the character if Cyc touches them once. That’s a topic for another day…

Teams based on or that can implement this philosophy:
Cyc, Storm, Doom / Doom, Storm, Cyc
-If the assist on the tail end hits anyone, someone will most likely eat a DHC into hail, that character will probably die, your Storm gets to run, and might even win on just that. Storm-Doom has to truely be respected because of the threat of eating the 5 super DHC.
-[Storm AC, LS, ground photons, dash, dlp (this will unrollable otg), dhp, AC, photons, DHC Cyclops’ MOB, DHC hail. I don’t think anything in the game can survive this kind of damage. You could always unblockable him, fly, photons, DHC Cyc, DHC Storm instead of OTG for even more insaine damage. ]

Cyc, Storm, Sent. [Proper order is Storm, Sent, Cyc]
WARNING: TOURNAMENT MENACE TEAM. Do not use on total beginners ever.
-Remember, Cyc is somewhat vital, DHC him out for Storm once his mission is accomplished. There’s always a Storm-Sent DHC threat that somewhat alleviates the side effects of him accidentally dying, but it’s best to avoid bad situations like that. [Don’t be afraid to start him, but be mildly nervous about losing him. If it hapenns, the meter he probably built will allow Storm to exact a gruesome revenge if you get lucky. Comforting thought don’t you think?] There’s alot more to this team than I’ve told. Look around and see if you can find help on this one. I’ll probably elaborate more on this team later, BUT it’s better that someone used to using it [I can’t use Sent well] replies.


Playing Cyclops is a lot less interesting than it seems. You’re gonna do a lot of superjumping roundhouse to build meter. Most of the time, your plan revolves around getting three meters so you can land that cyclone kick into super into DHC. You can also dashback and shoot optic bullets which is a good strategy (albeit better with supplements like Sentinel/Doom/Commando). For the most part, Cyclops is a keepaway character. No major rushdown happening in this neck of the woods.

He’s got a lot of great normals. Stand roundhouse is as good as Cable’s. Stand roundhouse into jab optic into super. Knowing what normals are good in the air are important too, as Cyclops has an insane number (seven). Roundhouse is good to come up from under someone superjumping in on you. Fierce is for people at level with you (Sentinel). Down+roundhouse is the normal jump in, while down+fierce is the superjump in (beats Storm s.rh). In air-to-air battles, if they’re beneath you in a clinch situation hit down+short.

DF+Roundhouse is too fast. If you glitch Cyclops at the start of the match DF+RH will always win. I don’t think it’s even possible to call an assist. It’s also the best way to counter someone who’s coming down in you from a jump, although it probably won’t work great on a superjump. Zaza says that jab optic blast is safe vs. superjumps. I hesitate to say this is right, but it seems to work well enough. Call an assist first just in case.

Good team for Cyclops include Cyclops/Cable/Sentinel, Cyclops/Storm/Doom (good chipping) and Cyclops/Gambit/Morrigan (team one-hit kill!).

More later


Well, I was going to mention the sj hk for meter building part but somehow forgot it I think. Odd concidering how often I use it. I was going to mention DHC teams for completeness in my next and final one [which would probably have triggered me to remember it, but Dasrik beat me to it.

His post above is extremely good advice and should be taken to heart. It appears similar to mine but with more depth, less wordiness, etc… It also covers the basics extremely well. I learned somethings from it.

Please elaborate on this alittle. I remember hearing something about a glitch you can do off the start of the match but I don’t remember the details. You did a good job on that post earlier.

I think I’ll hold you to that.


still waiting for dasrik tips
glitch cyclops??


When picking your team order, put the guy you want to start the match in a position other than first, then use the assist buttons to make him first in the match (ie. pick Storm/Magneto/Psylocke and hold A1 as match starts) then hold a direction/button before the match starts, and your attack always comes out first.


is a good team
cyke aaa
cable aaa
sent ground

or just i switch sent and cyke??


team fucking anti air.


that team is crazy the damage is just insane with Cyclops and capcom…

also Cyclops/cable/doom or cyclops/storm/doom. basicallt cyclops and any assist that locks the opponent down for a bit like storm projectile, sentinel ground or doom anti air.


just like to point out something. Cyke’s df RH loses in the beginning to Strider, Magneto, and Cable’s fastest normals.


I’ve seen lotsa people play cyclops and he seems like a god, but when I play him, he feels slow and useless, unless I’m playing someone of lower level, my cyclops never does good. Just wondering how do pros make him look good on point ? Everyone can do super jump roundhouses but aside that what makes him so godlike :confused: ?

Is his gene splice completely invincible when you use it manually, like if another cyclops is trying to chip you to death can you do a fierce one to get to him then cancel into the MOB ?




Go to darsiks site and dl viscant vids him vs soomighty. His cyke is amazing ^^ :slight_smile:


Are you sure?

I’ve only ever traded against Magneto using DF+RH (and the other Mags was glitched too). Never lost.


Another possible name for this team is team alpha counter. If anyone on your team blocks while you have lots of meter, they’re eating supers.

You might be able to get away with Starting Cyclops in a team like this because if Cyclops survives any longer than 20 game seconds they won’t be able to throw any projectiles at him for fear of the Cable sitting in the back seat. If Cyc dies you still have Cable-Capcom which isn’t bad.

[On the subject of alpha counters (I’ve known about this for about 2.5 years now), you can guardpush and alpha counter against the same move you block. There. Now I’ve just doubled the effectiveness of the Cable alpha counter for you]


I think I like Cyc on point for Cyclops/Cable/Capcom.

Cyc builds meter hella fast with j.HK


I know. That’s why I brought it up.


Storm/Cable/Cyke, or Cable/Storm-y/Cyke.

Viable team?